Blood, Scars and Brothers - a Loki (and Thor) fanfiction

Veronica is an adopted child. She lives her normal life with her adoptive mother, father and brother. She has a normal boyfriend and desires to be with him forever. Even though she is happy, Veronica starts to become bored with her pointless normal life. But when Loki of Asgard comes to her door, claiming to be her brother, she finds out the fairy tales she heard as a child were in fact her past. And when Loki kidnaps her, maybe her normal boring life just got a kick up the ass.

Will she sacrifice everything for love? Or will love sacrifice everything for her?


2. Chapter 2: The Polite Thief


“Hi.” I said fairly confused. “Wait, no, how do you know my name? And why are you knocking on my bloody door at 11 o’clock.” The stranger smiled and said “Firstly I didn’t knock I rang, remember? And second it’s not quite 11 o’clock yet, I think.” I honestly didn’t know what to say, I just looked at him wildly confused. “Hello?” He said waving his hand in front of my face. “Ok, maybe it would be a good idea if we start over.

         “Hi, I’m Loki, your brother.” I stepped back, still holding the door handle tight and yelled “WHAT?!”

“I’ll say slowly for you. I-AM-YOUR-BIO-LOGICAL-BRO-THER.” He said slowly.

“Ha ha, very funny. But I’m not in the mood.” I tried to slam the door but he put his foot in the way. He pushed the door open and pushed past me into the hallway. “Nice house.” He said while looking at the pictures on the wall of me and Phil. “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!” I said pointing towards the street outside my house.

“Who’s this?” Loki said pointing at Phil in a picture of me and him, totally ignoring what I had just said. “My brother Phil. But that doesn’t matter get out of my house!” I said raising my voice. He just huffed and walked down the hall, past the living room and into the kitchen. “What the hell?” I said shutting the door and following Loki into the kitchen.

          I got in the kitchen and said “Well done, you got into my house and confused the hell out of me!” I clapped my hands sarcastically. “But can you please leave now.”

“I’ll leave after you let me explain.”

“Explain what? That you’re an idiot?” I said crossing my arms.

“Very funny.” He said smiling again. “Are you going to listen to me or not?” he crossed his arms back at me plainly to take the mick out of me. I uncrossed my arms and answered “I will listen if you promise to leave straight after you’re done.”

“Ok. I promise.”

“Good.” I said starting to lean against the fridge, near the door.

“Well, when I was young my father left me to die on a mountain, because I was a ‘runt’” He started. “My farther did this because he was ashamed of me, his own son. But then your father came and took me in, because-”

“Wait, MY father? I thought you said you were my BIO-LOGICAL BRO-THER. You lied!”

“No, no I’m not. But you didn’t let me finish. If you’re going to listen then don’t interrupt me again.” He said nosing around the kitchen. “Your father took me in because he thought maybe he could show my father, who had been fighting with yours, that through me there could be peace. But then when peace was made anyway he didn’t need me anymore but he kept me out of guilt.” Loki almost said as he talked about my farther. I couldn’t believe that, if Loki was telling the truth, my father was this horrible. “He lied to me all my life about who I was and what I was.” Loki said, slamming his hand on the counter. “What do you mean ‘what I was’?” I interrupted again.

“I mean I’m not human, neither are you.” He said picking up a mug. I snatched it off him and said “What I’m not human!?”

“No you’re a sort of God, I am too but I’m also…” he hesitated, his voice raising, “a…um doesn’t matter!”

“Ok, wait what? What does this story have to do with me anyway.” I said putting the mug back down. “Well, if you let me finish you’ll find out.” He said a little angry. “So your farther kept me out of guilt and let me grow up with them and your brother Thor believing that they were my family.

             “Just before I discovered the truth about myself, your mother and father had a baby girl, she was named Veronica. They kept you and loved you for a week, but then my father started rebelling against yours. To keep you safe your mother and father took you to Earth. They didn’t take me or Theo because we were told old and had made Asguard (your true home) our home.” He finished.

“So why did you come looking for me and not my real brother, Thor.” I asked.

“He has been looking for you Veronica, nearly all his life. Just not in the right places. To be honest what a waste of the majority of his life.”  I shook my head. 

“Well, look I’ve listened and we had a deal and it’s time for you to leave.” I said walking down the hallway and to the front door. I opened, and looked back to see Loki following me. He had that stupid grin on his face again. “I will leave,” he said “but I’m not leaving alone.” He stood by me; still smiling (it was a bit creepy).

“What? What do you mean?” I said angrily.

“I want you to come with me.”

“That wasn’t part of the deal!”

“Neither was this.” He said taking a cloth out of his pocket. He pushed it over my mouth and nose.

          The cloth was damp and smelt funny.  Suddenly I felt a bit sleepy and it became a bit hard to stand. Then I realised what Loki was doing. I tried to scream but it was hard to do with a cloth over my mouth, but I did make a sound. Loki started to look angry and impatient. Those emotions grew on Loki’s face when he heard someone waking up from upstairs. (It was becoming really hard to stay awake now.) I saw the upstairs’ hall light come on and suddenly my vision went black as my eyes unintentionally closed. I couldn’t open them and no nose would come out of my mouth. I felt myself fall down the door and heard someone running down the stairs shouting something. Next thing I knew was that Loki had picked me up and was running down my street with me in his arms. The shouts of someone behind me faded as darkness consumed. And before I knew it I was passed out in the polite thief’s arms as he stole me. 

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