Blood, Scars and Brothers - a Loki (and Thor) fanfiction

Veronica is an adopted child. She lives her normal life with her adoptive mother, father and brother. She has a normal boyfriend and desires to be with him forever. Even though she is happy, Veronica starts to become bored with her pointless normal life. But when Loki of Asgard comes to her door, claiming to be her brother, she finds out the fairy tales she heard as a child were in fact her past. And when Loki kidnaps her, maybe her normal boring life just got a kick up the ass.

Will she sacrifice everything for love? Or will love sacrifice everything for her?


1. Chapter 1: Veronica


As usual the sun would rise outside my window and its blasting rays would sting my eyes. Also, as usual, my older brother, Phil, would come into my bedroom to announce that my waffles were ready downstairs. And, as usual, after that I would get dressed and put my dark black hair up. But that didn’t happen this morning, if fact it didn’t happen any morning because I’m at college now. And I only visit my family every other weekend. Well, you see, I say family but what I really mean is adoptive family. As a baby my mysterious farther left on a pavement near a care home, where for the next 3 months of my life I took my first steps and words with a bunch of complete strangers. But to be honest I don’t remember it much because let’s face it, I was a new born.

       I walked down the stairs in my college dorm to find my roommate, Jessie, up and dressed and talking to my beautiful boyfriend, Dan. “DAN? What are you doing here?” I asked shocked because he’d finished college nearly 2 years ago. “I came to pick you up, remember?” he said looking up at me in my pyjamas and full on bedhead. “Oh yeah, I totally forgot.” I say a little embarrassed. “Sorry I’m keeping you waiting. I bet Jessie boring you to dead!” Jessie threw a pillow at me, going red. I laugh and so does Dan. “HEY!” Jessie said as she hit Dan over the head with another pillow. I laugh more as I go back upstairs. As I laugh I think about how happy I am that they get on. At first Jessie didn’t like Dan because he reminded her of her brother who passed away last year and it must have been horrible knowing someone like your dead brother. So one day I told Dan about it and asked him to talk to her about it. Ever since then they’ve been good friends. This is great for me because it means I can bring Dan round whenever without any problem. Unless one of them is naked, which did actually happen once but I won’t get into that now.

         I entered my room and my yellow suitcase out of my wardrobe. I put it on the bed and piled way too many clothes for an overnight stay into it. Then I got dressed and put my hair in a plait. I zipped my suitcase up and stopped by my mirror.

        I looked at myself. I looked so skinny and pale. My eyes weren’t special or exciting colour like everyone else’s, they were just blue. My hair was dull and black and never shone in the sun like Jessie’s blonde hair. My lips are even dull and pale. They’re a greyish-pick colour. I don’t even know how my mother could ever call me pretty.

       I went downstairs again, carrying my suitcase. Dan and Jessie were still chatting and getting on. You might say ‘all was well’. “Sorry, again, about keeping you waiting. But last night we…um…well let’s just say we had one too many to drink, when I was meant to be packing.” I said winking at Jessie as I placed my suitcase up against the wall. Dan laughed looking at both of us suspiciously. “It’s ok.” He said slowly. “But before we go, Nic, do you mind if I use your toilet?”

“No I don’t, go ahead.” I said as Dan got up and walked over to the bathroom.

           When Dan had disappeared into the bathroom I went and sat down next to Jessie. I turned to look at her and said. “So I see you and Dan are ok now, no more…you know.” “Yeah it’s all cool now.” Jessie replied. I nodded my head.

“Good. I was just worried-”

“You don’t need to worry about me anymore, I’m fine now. I’ve got over it. If I need you to worry about me I’ll ask.” I smiled and Jessie smiled back. I hugged her and laughed a bit, she was by far my best friend.

              Dan came back and grabbed my suitcase. “Ready to go?” He asked me, with his zipper flying as low as the Grand Canyon. I started to laugh; Dan and Jessie looked at me puzzled. “Yes I am.” I said barely able to contain my laughter. “But before we do, Dan, I think you’re flying a bit low.” I said as Jessie burst out laughing. I laughed too. Dan just went bright red and dropped my suitcase; he turned round and sorted out his little problem.

             After we’d all stopped laughing me and Dan gave Jessie a hug. She showed us out and helped me put my suitcase into Dan’s red mini. “I’ll see you Sunday evening yeah?” I said getting into the passenger’s seat. “Yeah, I’ll try to save some whisky for you.” Jessie smiled from the doorway. I laughed and said as the car engine started, “Bye!” Dan leaned over the steering wheel and waved bye to Jessie. Dan started to drive away as Jessie waved us off shouting “Bye!” 

           I opened my car door and huffed as I wobbly got onto the pavement. I hated car rides, especially long ones. I shut the car door behind me and started to stretch my legs as Dan got my suitcase out of the boot. He passed it to me and walked over to the door of my ‘family’ home. As I walked over to him (dragging my suitcase behind me) I got a chill down my spine. “Ooooo, are you cold?” I asked standing next to him.

“No, I’m actually quite hot. I might ask Phil if I could borrow a thinner top.” I shrugged my shoulders and rang the doorbell.

             Shortly after I heard someone’s heavy footsteps clamber down the stairs. I heard the person’s finger searching for the key in the key bowl we have near the door. Then the door was unlocked and opened by my brother Phil. He still had his pyjamas on and his black hair was still in bed head mode. He smiled at me and turned round, towards the hallway. “MUM! DAD! NIC’S HOME!” He shouted to mum and dad. He hugged me and told me mum and dad were in the kitchen. As I walked down the hallway, towards the kitchen, Phil had closed the door and disappeared with Dan upstairs, he was probably going to show him something. They’d been like that even since Dan had first come round to our house, when I was 7, Dan was 11 and Phil had been 12. Phil had invited Dan round for tea and it was the first time anyone had seen him. Ever since then Dan would be at our house nearly every day, and if he wasn’t Phil was at his. So as you could guess me and Dan saw a lot off each other. But we’d only started dating about a year ago when he was 22 and I was 18. 

            I walked through into the kitchen and found mum in her usual spot, by the oven, cooking. Dad wasn’t there which meant he was probably on the toilet. “Hi mum.” I said while cheekily whipping some, what looked like icing, out of one of the mixing bowl. “Oh Nic your back, it’s good to see you.” She said, wiping her hands on her apron. “STEPHAN! VERONICA’S HOME!” she shouted to my dad who was in the toilet. A murmur was all she got in reply. I smiled and sat down. “So mum what you cooking?”

“Just an angel cake for the Parry’s next door, it’s their son’s 6th birthday tomorrow.” She said. “How was your journey?” I gave her a hug and told her all about the journey, plus some new things that had happened in college recently.

            Just as I sat down Dad walked in from the toilet. He said tiredly “Sorry about that, love, but you’ve got to go when you’ve got to go.”

“OH DAD! That’s really disgusting!” I shouted covering my ears. We all laughed and joined together in a big hug. I’d really missed being home.

          Dan and Phil entered the kitchen. Dan was wearing one of Phil’s tops, it was a plain maroon one and it actually suited Dan.  I complimented him and stood up, I put my arm round him and he did it back. It was just like in the movies. “Would you like a drink, boys and Nic?” Mum said ruining the romantic moment, but then again it is weird to be romantic when your family is in the same room. “Yes please.” We (Dan, me and Phil) answered in unison. Mum nodded and put the kettle on.

          I sat there, waiting for my coffee, looking at the kitchen. I’d grown up in this kitchen, but it wasn’t the same as back then. It looked different. I’d only been away for 2 weeks and already this place was drifting further away from the name home. The walls of the kitchen were blue and still shined that newly painted shine. The tiles were also new, they were still bright green. It almost, apart from the furniture, looked like someone else kitchen. “Dad, when did you get the kitchen done up?” I asked collecting my coffee off mum. “I did it all a few days ago. I’m thinking about doing the living room next.” He said turning the kitchen TV on to the rugby. Dad had always been a big fan of rugby, a true Welshman some might say. Always trying to drag either me, Phil, mum or sometimes even Dan off to a game. But thankfully there weren’t many rugby game near where we lived in England. We all hated the sport.

         “Hey Dan.” Dad said. We all knew what was coming. “I’ve been able to grab some last minute tickets for Brighton’s next game. Do you wanna come?”

“Um…sorry Mr. Davis, but I’m a little busy.” Dan said going a little red.

“But I’d didn’t even say when it was!” Dad replied.

“Well,” Dan said his blush going down. “Unfortunately I’m busy all year; I haven’t got a spare moment.” Dan said taking a sip out of his coffee. We all giggled and made our way into the living room, leaving mum and dad alone with the rugby.

         That night I was glad to be back home, in my own room, in my own bed. It was almost like heaven sleeping in my own proper bed and not a stupid college dorm bed that felt you were sleeping on a bloody brock wall.

        Just before I could get to sleep I heard the doorbell ring. I sat up in my bed and looked at the clock on my wall. It was hard to see because the lights were off but I could just about see it. It was 10:45pm! Who the hell would be ringing our bell at 10:45?! Then it rang again. I huffed and got out of bed. I slipped on my slippers and put on my dressing gown on over my pyjamas. I went downstairs filling up with rage, ready to shout at the stupid stranger ringing the bell at 10:45 at night. I grabbed the key from the key-bowl and unlocked the door.

        Outside the door was a man with short black cape, with the hood covering his face. He was wearing a green leather armour suit. His fairly long hair was hanging out, it was black like mine. It had started raining so the man was fairly wet. He removed his hood to reveal his handsome face. He had blue eyes like me too. He was pale and perfect features. He smiled at me, showing off his dimples. He said “Hello Veronica.” 

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