The Movellas Ambassadors Book: Introducing the Ambassadors of 2014!

Do you want to know more about the ambassadors of Movellas? Then you have the right book. Meet the ambassadors of 2014-2015.


14. Introducing LittleMsHollywood

Username: LittleMsHollywood.
Name: Bryony.
Age: 16, turning 17 on September the 10th.
Country: England.

At what age did you start writing?
 Sometime around the age of 7 or 8, but I properly got into it at around the age of 13.

What inspires you to start writing?
 It can be anything. Something I've seen on TV, things I've heard people talking about, or a dream I've had. Most commonly though it's music, especially the lyrics. Though the general vibe you get from a song can be very inspiring.

How do you beat writer’s block?
It depends. Some kinds of writer's block I just push through and force myself to keep writing through it. Other kinds, I take a break for a day from writing, then come back to it with a fresh mind.

Do you consider writing to be a serious career choice?
Of course I do. When you're a writer, you can't really /not/ be a writer, due to how you find inspiration in everything and you're constantly thinking of new things to write about. When you have that mindset, you can't really /not/ have it as a career.

What advice would you give to a first-time writer?
Find your writing style and cultivate it. Read lots and see which style of writing appeals to you best, and which you write best in. 
What’s your advice for the next ambassadors after you?
Have fun with it, and don't be afraid of giving your opinion, and saying what you truly feel.

What’s your motivation to be ambassador?
I've been here for a very long time, and I've seen how the site has changed, and how it needs to change. I'm doing this to help the site change for the better.

What's the most embarrassing moment of your life so far?
I was in a really good mood when I came home from school one day, and was singing along to the music on my phone, and dancing to it at the same time. I was wearing fuzzy socks under my shoes, and we have lino flooring, so I attempted a ninja-slide into the kitchen, complete with a very loud rendition of the song playing on my phone.
Except...I thought I was home alone at the time. I wasn't. My mum had been in the kitchen the whole time, and the first thing I saw when I ninja-slid into the kitchen, was my mum cracking up laughing. She'd heard and seen the whole thing.

What's gotten you into writing?
I used to be really good at it in primary school, and when I was in year 8, I came either second or third place (I can't remember which) in a poetry competition where the winner had their poem read out by Sir Ian McKellan. The turning point came when I was 13 though, and first heard the song 'Hollywood Tonight', which told a story in the lyrics. I wanted to flesh out the story though, so began creating it.

What's your favorite genre of books and films?
Probably dystopian. Like The Hunger Games, or Matched. The whole 'rebellion against a corrupt society' sort of thing. 

What's your favorite film?
I'm not really sure. Probably (don't laugh) StreetDance, as I used to watch that film a lot. I originally wanted to be a dancer when I was younger, and a few ideas for movellas have dance as the central theme.

What got you into reading?
My dad used to read to me when I was about 1-ish, and apparently I perked right up when he did, and kept wanting him to read more to me. 
What age did you start reading? I could read fluently at the age of two years old. 

Favourite Band, singer?
Hmm...I have a lot of favourites. But my personal favourite has to be Michael Jackson. The day that XSCAPE came out, I went out of school after my exam, and bought it, but only listened after my exams finished as motivation.

Favourite song?
Hollywood Tonight, by far. It inspired me a lot.


What music inspires you?
Anything that's quite old, or was at least written a long time ago. I don't really like modern-day music too much. 

Can you give the new movellians or old movellians some advice?
Always remember your beginnings, and help out the new users as you were in their position. Don't be afraid to comment. We don't bite.

Do you have some advice for people who want to apply as ambassador?
Go for it. We could always use new minds to add to the team, and we would love to see you on board. Just stay active, and have your finger on the pulse of movellas.

What's your favourite quote?

Advice for bullied, who gives up fighting to be happy?
Don't bother paying them any attention, as that's what they want, and they're not worth your time. Haters will see you walk on water and say it's only because you can't swim.

Best childhood memory?
Friday 19th October 2012. I was allowed to go and see my first Cirque du Soleil show live...and it was possibly the best night of my life.

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