The Movellas Ambassadors Book: Introducing the Ambassadors of 2014!

Do you want to know more about the ambassadors of Movellas? Then you have the right book. Meet the ambassadors of 2014-2015.


8. Introducing Glacier Ice (pan)

Username:Glacier Ice (Pan)
Name:Maggie (Not Magret! I hate it when people call me that!)

What age did you start writing? 
Maybe 7 I dunno, but I would start stories and never finish them.

What inspires you to write?
Other books, dreams I get, Dr.Who…

How do I beat writer's block?
 Read, watch T.V., dance, talk to my brother….

Do you consider writing to be a serious career choice?
Yea, but that's not the lane I want to go.

What advice would you give to a first time writer?
Know you can continue an idea before you start it.

What a advice would I give to the ambassadors after me?
Just be yourself!

What was my most embarrassing moment of my life so far?
When one of my BFF's told me that 3 friends call me lesibian behind my back, and I cried all the way on the bus.

What got you into writing?
My brother/My friend Jayauna

What is my favorite genre of books and films?
Fanasty or Mysteries

What got me into reading?
Video games, believe it or not!

What age did I start reading?
Kindergarten soooooooooooooo, 5.

Favorite band, singer?
Band would be Bad Wolf or Imangine Dragons. Singer would be Sam Tsui.

Favorite song?
Let it Go/Let her Go mashup-Sam Tsui

What music inspires you?
Good music, and for me that means no boy bands!

Can you give the new movellians and old ones a advice?
Cause NO drama it is hard for some people to cope with it.

Do you have advice for people who may want to apply for ambassador?
Be yourself, and make sure you want to do it!

What's your favorite quote?
"Wibly, wobbly, timey wimey stuff."

Advice for getting bullied, to is giving up to be happy?
Stay away from who's bulling you, I use music to help me get over depression and believe me I've got a lot of that with divorced parents. I also dance to help me forget.

Best childhood memory?
Probaly when my mum took me to DISNEY LAND!!!!!!

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