The Movellas Ambassadors Book: Introducing the Ambassadors of 2014!

Do you want to know more about the ambassadors of Movellas? Then you have the right book. Meet the ambassadors of 2014-2015.


27. Introducing E.W. Hemmings

Username: E.W. Hemmings
Name: Emma
Age:13, 14 in October
Country: England

At what age did you start writing?
I have always loved writing stories, but I started writing properly in my free time when I was about 10. 

What inspires you to start writing?
I'm not sure- sometimes ideas just hit me. I often get ideas in odd places- like in the shower, and in bed. 

How do you beat writer’s block?
Umm... I have actually never had writer's block... 

Do you consider writing to be a serious career choice?

What advice would you give to a first-time writer?
I'd tell you to read, but you have heard too much of that already. Write for you and what you would want to read, and write about what interests you. Look for CC wherever you can, from your English teacher or from someone else. 

What’s your advice for the next ambassadors after you?
Don't be shy- discuss things with other members in the private group forums. Speak out about anything that needs to be addressed.

What’s your motivation to be ambassador?
Helping to shape Movellas into a better place. 

what's the most embarrassing moment of your life so far?
Walking into the boys' loos by accident... oops...

What's gotten you into writing?
I read the Warrior Cats books when I was in Year 5/4th grade, and I loved them so much I wrote fanfiction about them. This later lead me to write original novels. 

What's your favorite genre of books and films?
I like all sorts: paranormal, fantasy, romance, dystopian, coming-of-age. 

what's your favorite film?
One Day, or the Hunger Games movies. 

What got you into reading?
The Warrior Cats books. I was quite a fussy reader before them but then I was just blown away. 

What age did you start reading?
I got given a book aged 3 and started fluently reading it, before I had memorised the whole thing. While my classmates were reading simple words, I was on to reading books. Ten years later I am just as freaky. 

Favourite Band, singer?
5SOS! Luke is my fave- as you can tell from my username. 

Favourite song?
Do I have to answer this?

What music inspires you?
I play music that suits the scene I'm writing when I'm at work. For example, during a sad scene, I'll play a sad song. I have my own playlists for these on my iPod. 

Can you give the new movellians or old movellians some advice?
Be social! Chat to people, read work, write work, do read-for-read for people. Give lots of CC too- who doesn't like a bit of CC?

Do you have some advice for people who want to apply as ambassador?
You are more likely to be chosen for ambassador if you are often active online. 

What's your favourite quote?
"The show must go all over the place." (Finn Hudson, Glee)

Advice for bullied, who gives up fighting to be happy?
Remember you are not the person at fault. Tell people about your problem- people you are comfortable telling. If you're being cyberbullied, report the user and don't reply to anything they say. Don't take revenge: you';re only stooping to their level that way. 

Best childhood memory?
Lying on the beach with the tide washing over me, examining a shell I found. 

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