The Movellas Ambassadors Book: Introducing the Ambassadors of 2014!

Do you want to know more about the ambassadors of Movellas? Then you have the right book. Meet the ambassadors of 2014-2015.


25. Introducing Calista Lynch

Username: Calista Lynch
Name: Calista, to you.
Age: Thirteen
Country: United States

What age did you start writing?
It was around two years ago that I started outside of school, so eleven, probably.

What inspires you to start writing?
I find writing about my problems easier than talking to people about them, so that's how I started originally. Now it's mostly when I finish a good book, or get inspired for whatever reason.

How do you beat writers block?
I either write a short story-- take a break from whatever main project I'm working on or blast a new YA movie soundtrack.

Do you consider writing a serious career choice?
I might be too young to consider career choices now, but when I do, I hope to have writing near the top.

What advice would you give to a first time writer?
Practice, practice, practice. If you want, start out with fan fiction, because then you can expand and get better and try out different writing techniques and styles.

What's your advice for the next ambassadors after you?
Change your life status to non-existent.

What's your motivation to be an ambassador?
Stop the drama, get rid of inappropriate movellas, and make this place what it was when I first joined-- a writing site.

What is the most embarrassing moment of your life so far?
There are lots of me just being socially awkward, it's hard to pick only one.

What's gotten you into writing?
Books, above all. I loved Harry Potter so much, I started writing fan fiction before I even knew it existed. Soon after I found 'The Wizarding World' on the App Store and fell in love.

What's your favorite genre of books and films?
Embarrassingly, I've read only YA in the past year, so I'd have to say young adult. I'm also really into great historical fiction of the age. 'The Book Thief' remains a personal favorite as well as 'Flygirl'.

What's your favorite film?
Oh gods. I don't watch movies much, but 'Catching Fire' is amazing, and despite the odds, I loved 'The Blind Side'.

What got you into reading?
Books are a beautiful thing, because they can take you away to experience other worlds. I've always loved that about them. That's what.

What age did you start reading?
I started kindergarden early, so maybe a little before that. Four, probably.

Favorite bands, singer? Favorite song?
My friends hate this about me, but I listen to whatever's on. The most specific I can get would be whatever fits my mood.

What music inspires you?
Once again, soundtracks mostly. I played the Divergent one over and over yesterday in attempt to clear writers block.

Can you give the new movellians or old movellians some advice?
Keep reading, keep writing, eat lots of chocolate. Be nice, in general. The world would be so much happier with more nice people in it.

Do you have some advice for people who want to apply for ambassador?
Eh, go for it. The worst that can happen is you don't make it. Then, try again next year.

What's your favorite quote?
Merlin, you're really asking me this? "Sometimes you make choices in life, and sometimes choices make you." ~If I Stay. Well, that's like one of fifty.

Advice for bullied, who gives up fighting to be happy?
The bullies are the bullied. Keep on going on, and don't judge to harshly.

Best childhood memory?
Harry Potter role play with my brother and neighbor. Boy, we use to shout "expelliarmus" until our voices were hoarse.

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