Alone. Scared. Mental. Drake and Kate, friends, although people don't know it. To them there is no Drake. To Kate, he's all to real. When he starts getting stronger, Kate becomes even more frightened. How can she break their friendship? And when it gets all too much, how will she cope? What will be the effect? And how powerful can Drake truly be...

Cover credit goes to River_Summers for her fantastic cover!


3. Chapter 3 (Jade.P)

Kate is not alone. She will never be alone, and neither will I, because we have each other. I don't think she understands how much she needs me. Where are her other friends? She has no other friends. I am her only friend and that is how it will stay.

Poor, poor Kate. She is so oblivious to me, of my powers and my strength. To her my telekinesis is just some weak little power. She thinks it is the mere explanation of a few things that have moved around at home. But it is so much more.

I have the astounding ability to move things with my mind. Do you know what I can do with this ability? I could take over the entire world! But Kate doesn't know that. She's far too simple-minded to understand.

What Kate is also oblivious to is my ever-growing power. It is growing stronger every day and every day she is growing weaker. She thinks I'm the nice, kind, lovely man who talks to her when she needs help. That is such a pathetic, wimpy image. Kate has no idea who I truly am.

I am Drake.

I am the one that can control Kate. There have been other hosts before but she has no idea what has happened to them. I feast on the vulnerable and absorb their power until they are weak and there is no hope left for them. They thought I was their friend but I ate them mentally. I knocked away their layers, dissolved their hearts, killed them without them knowing. That is what I do and that is who I am.


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