Riddles, Puzzles, & Trick Questions!

Try and solve these riddles, puzzles, and trick questions!
Answers are included.
Some are easy but some are hard.


8. Questions 16-20

16) My first is in SIX, but not in FIVE.

My second is in a COLONY, but not in a HIVE.

PLATES have my third, but BOWLS do not.

KNIVES contain my fourth, something SPOONS haven't got.

Look to the EARTH and my fifth you will find,

Then put a name to my slithering kind.


17) There are four girls, and four apples in a basket.  Every girl takes an apple, yet one apple remains in the basket.  How is this possible?


18) What can't be burned in a fire nor drowned in water?


19) I'm a six-letter word.  If I didn't exist, you wouldn't either.  With my first letter omitted I'm an alternative.  The last three letters are feminine.  The first four letters make an insect.  Who am I?


20) What always runs but never walks,

Often murmurs, never talks,

Has a bed but never sleeps,

Has a mouth but never eats?

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