Starstruck || l.hemmings

"Don't wanna disappoint the crowd, do we?" he asks as he leans in.

The school year started at Sydney Arts; new school, new start. Old new boy.

"Come on, how bad can a good girl get?"


4. /iv/


I woke up the following day with a terrible cold. My head throbbed terribly, my nose was too bunged up to do anything.

Slowly, I lifted myself from my bed, to see a hot cup of chocolate on my bedside table, my mum had thought of me and my cold, it made me smile.

Bringing the mug to my lips, I sipped letting the liquid trickle down my throat soothing the pain. Damn; it felt nice I threw an old hoodie and black leggings.

"Mum, I've got to go out quickly, be back shortly." I called as I pulled on my red Dr. Martins. It was summer and I was dressed for winter, I'm too clever.

"Don't take too long, I don't want you getting worse," A stern looked appeared on her face as she pulled me into a quick hug before I left the house.

/whatsapp message to: iPhone/ michael, meet me in the coffee shop, I need my phone.

I looked at the old blackberry screen, hoping he would reply as I walked to the coffee shop.

/whatsapp message from: iPhone/ good morning to you too, on my way see you in 5

The relief fell from my shoulders instantly as I entered the coffee shop and asked for a frapuccino with extra cream before sitting on a sofa in the far corner.

The door closed, my head shot up to see Michael walking over to me.

"Hey," I stood up and kissed his cheeks as any person would.

"Good morning, here's your phone," He smiled pulling my iPhone from his pocket and slipping it into the pocket on the hoodie I was wearing.

My hands were in the pocket, his hands were soft against mine. It was kinda cute, he pulled his hands out and shoved them in his pockets.

"By the way, I put my number in your phone," A smirk pulled across Michael's lips, making my blush a little.

"Perf, I'll whatsapp you later or something," I smiled. "I've gotta go, I've got a cold and mum's wanting me home.." I moaned.

He laughed walking me to the exit.

"Your fault for going out in the rain yesterday," Holding the door open; I stepped outside into the sun.

"Yeah, I guess..." I trailed off. "See ya, Michael," I smiled.

He pulled me into a quick, awkward hug before letting go.

"Bye," He smiled heading off back to I supposed his house.

I got home about 10 minutes later, it was good to have my iPhone back. I cringed to think he'd probably looked at my photos and private stuff.

As he had said, his number was in my phone, Michael Clifford appeared in my contacts, he had a hecka surname.

I didn't message him, I didn't really want to, but I wanted to. It was a bipolar mood swing, it hit me that my period was on its way.

The rest of the day passed slowly, so I checked my channel on YouTube. 1k subscribers and 10k on my All Time Low cover, my mouth dropped in amazement, I was only 18 and I was no way that talented.

I only had 100 subscribers the other day, I was just going crazy in a state of euphoria which consisted of small shrieks, jumps and bad dancing around my room.

I felt almost cured from my cold after that happy moment, it was rather weird. But I was happy that I felt better, it meant I could upload some more covers.

My guitar was out of tune so I quickly tuned it, I knew the chords to The A Team by Ed Sheeran, next cover solved.

Within three hours, I had uploaded it. I relaxed by eating an entire pack of cookies and a bottle of coke.

"Hey Renée," A familiar voice appeared from behind me startling me.

"Harry?" I turned around amazed, I thought he was in England.

"I have to tell you something," H looked at me with an innocent, angelic face as he fiddled with his thumbs, stepping on his feet intertwining his legs.

I looked at him confused, what could he possibly have to tell me?

"What's up?" I asked taking a step towards him, sorting out my hair.

He gulped whilst taking a deep breath, looking me in the eyes.

"I think I like you Renée." He blurted out.


cute and awkward clifford hug awh

renée popular on youtube go her

fcking harry, she's confused

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