Starstruck || l.hemmings

"Don't wanna disappoint the crowd, do we?" he asks as he leans in.

The school year started at Sydney Arts; new school, new start. Old new boy.

"Come on, how bad can a good girl get?"


1. /i/


It was a Sunday evening in the summer; I had too much on my mind to think about going out partying around Sydney. I was doing my history homework for the semester we were going to start at college in two month's time. I had gotten into the finest Arts College around, it was for the most musical teens around in Australia, not many people got accepted in.

I felt lucky for getting in.

"Renée your study buddy is here." My mum called up the stairs.

Due to my high grades, I'd been assigned a student during the summer to help with their grades, I was supposed to have been given one of my old high school's students, but they had made a mistake and I had ended up with an exchange student from England who had moved just before the start of the second semester last year.

"Let them in... I'm upstairs mum." I replied tidying my room quickly.

I could hear his raspy English accent echo through my house, his name was Harry and he was too full of himself. He burst into my room and ran towards me pulling me into his arms.

"Hey study buddy!" He smiled; I broke free of his grasp and shook myself down trying to get his Englishness off of me.

"Hey Harry." I mumbled weakly.

I watched him brush his big hands through his curls before letting them drop to his sides, sitting down at my desk, I crossed my legs and watched as he took out his books to study, even though he didn't really study, all Harry really did was sit staring at me with his beautiful green eyes, letting smirks appear on his lips every now and then. He was extremely intimidating and it was weird.

"Are you going to do anything besides staring at me today or what?"

He looked at me and sighed.

"I suppose I could attempt the mathematics exercises I was given, but I'm no good at mathematics..." Harry trailed off, pulling his famous smirk onto his lips before gently brushing his tongue over his bottom lip, leaving it moist.

God he made himself so provokingly hot.

"Harry cut it out my god, it's getting annoying already!" I moaned with a whiny voice.

"Aw... doesn't little Miss Goody Goody want to play?" He laughed.

I looked at him, furrowing my eyebrows whilst crossing my arms. I wasn't in the mood to tutor the stuck-up rich boy with curls; I wanted him out and gone. I wanted my Australian student that had disappeared.

"Just leave Harry; we'll study tomorrow perhaps, but not today." I glared at him shoving him out of my room and down the stairs, out the door.

"See you round Renée" He smirked before heading off.

I whined in annoyance before closing the door with a slam. He was so annoying, but he made good company during the days when I was alone in my house, I realized mum had left so I was completely home alone, I had know my assignments for the day beings as the college was running out of stuff for me to do to get extra credit.

I checked my computer to see if anything new had popped up on my YouTube channel. My video's popularity was slowly going up I'd recently hit 500 views on 2 videos, I thought it was time to upload another cover, I decided an All Time Low song, beings as they were my favorite band. I learnt the chords to Backseat Serenade acoustic within 3 hours beings as I was musically gifted.

I turned on my Nikon, grabbed my guitar and started to do my cover. It was a success, and I instantly uploaded it to my channel, my subscribers had just reached 100, but my 100th didn't appear in the list, which I found weird.

Closing the computer after shutting it down, I hopped in the shower and cleaned myself up before throwing on my pajamas and getting into bed after a long day.


hii guys,

harry styles damn, no he doesn't get close to renée

renée such a nerd god, but she can sing

i'm jealous (?)

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