& life goes on

" you know what! im done! " i yelled, staring at his oceanic blue eyes. I ran out the bedroom, with tears pouring out of my eyes " Chevie wait !" i heard footsteps behind me. I ignored him and kept running, untill i was out of the house. I hadnt notice i was in the middle of the road, untill i rubbed the tears out of my face & heard my name " CHEVIE ! " he yelled. I turned to my left, to see white lights coming closer... and closer. & then BLACKNESS....


falling in love,



its all apart of life, its your choice how to handle it...


4. Smoothie Head

                 Chapter 3 : Smoothie Head

Chevie's P.O.V

Niall left home last night around 11pm. I got to know alot about him, turns out he is a friendly lad, and very charming, if i might say so myself. I woke up today at the usual time, and got ready. I put on my regular makeup. I put on some darkwashed hollister jeans, with a casual top that had a cute owl on it from Brandy Melville. I fixed my hair leaving it down, in its normal wavy puffy self. I grabbed my phone, tucking it in my back pocket, and a knitt off-white cardigan, i slipped on black socks and my white chuck taylor converse. I glanced in the mirror one more time, and grabbed my school stuff, and turned of the light in my bedroom, shutting the door on my way out.

My phone vibrated as I walked down the stairs and made my way into the kitchen. Messege from Zayniee<3 : im outside, Hurry  up :)

To; Zayniee<3:

yea, yea im coming, Patients child , lol

As i pressed sent, i grabbed a banana and quickly yelled "bye, im leaving!" as i walked out of my front door. I see Zayn's car, and him inside....looking like he was singing? I laughed at how silly he was. I opened the door to his car.

" goodmorning there, someone looks like his in a good mood today " i said, while i put my stuff in my lap and buckled the seatbelt.

" i guess you can say i woke up happy today , haha "

I rolled my eyes and giggled. " Onward! " i say, pointed the way to school. Zayn started the ignition and started driving to school. On our way we just sang songs weirdly, and laughed.

"you are one weird gal, Mary.." he poked me.

"but you love meee....." i said pouting my lips.


As i unbuckled the seatbelt, Zayn walked out of the driver's side and made his way over to my door. He opened the door as i grabbed my bag and books." i could've opened it myself " i rolled my eyes at him. "yea but i wanted to, so just hush your face and thank me"

" thank you" i laughed as i got out the car. Zayn shut the door behind. Tori and her gang wasnt at there usual spot to say something stupid at me. I shooked it out of my mind and kept walking with Zayn. The bell rang for school to start. " ughh.. i dont wanna" i complained. Zayn laughed at me. "go on little Miss.Mary" he gently pushed me to bio class. As my feet dragged on the floor. " com'on go inside, ill see you at lunch." he kissed my cheek. "okay see you later''


Niall's P.O.V

I was waiting for Chevie to enter the class, i couldnt wait to see her beautiful self. Wait what?  My thinking was interrupted my the headcheerleader sitting where Chevie should be seating in. "goodmorning hot-stuff" she smiled at me. I laughed at her attempt to flirt with me. To be honest Tori was pretty, and quite hot, but just looks to much of a slut to be with. Didnt mean to be rude but that was just my thought.

"look class is about to start so just go back to your seat." i faked a smile at her. "Don't act like you dont want this" she said gesturing to herself. I rolled my eyes as she made her way to her seat. I looked back up at the front of class, staring at the door. I see Chevie, and i felt myself become very happy, but then myself slump down in my seat, when i saw her so called 'bestfriend' Zayn kissed her cheek. I sighed and looked down at my notebook, scribbling random stuff. I think her 'bestfriend' as feelings towards her. I shrugged and continued to scribble weird stuff.


Chevie's P.O.V

As i watch Zayn walk away going to his class, i sighed and walked into class. When things couldnt get any worse, Tori came up to me. I sighed and rolled my eyes. "what do you want?" i asked, a bit harshly, but I could care less.

"ohh whats with the attidude,.... blondie"

"whats it to you, red" looking at her red hair.

"look you better watch it dork, see there" she said pointing to Niall's direction. "yea, thats mine"

I laughed and said. "how is something yours if he doesnt want to be yours" I hear all her friends laughed quietly. Tori rolled her eyes. I can see she got kinda pissed.

"Just watch it dork, your a nobody here, so dont forget that, you stupid little bitch" she pushed my shoulder. Just as i was about to reply, Niall came over and said "look Tori just leave her alone, okay she didnt do anything," Tori scoffed, looking suprised as much as i did.

"but i didnt do anything, Ni." she smiled trying to look inocient. I scoffed and rolled my eyes.

"sure u didnt, because im little Miss,Perfect and im the headcheerleader and everybody just ..loves me" i mocked her. "Listen you little slut why don..." Tori was interrupted by Niall.

"Im sure, Chevie is anything but a slut, unlike you. So dont call her that." Niall said looking up and down at her. Tori's supposedly friends laughed. "i cant believe you would say that!" Tori looked hurt.

"i cant" i laughed. " Shut the fuck up! Whore !" she yelled at me. "com'on Chevie just ignore her, stupid wannabee bitches like her, arent even worth argueing with, there just a watse of time" Niall grabbed my hand.

Just as i was about to follow Niall, Tori grabbed my wrist harsh, which was starting to hurt, she spinned me around. Making me turn away and slip out of Niall's grip and stare at into her gray eyes."i dont know what you did to Niall, but you got him fooled, but unlike him everyone else isnt. We all see you just as a little bitch, wanting attention from everybody. Look at you, your a ragedy dirty prick and everyone knows that. So just stop acting like you are something, beaucse your nothing" with that she slapped my cheek hard, and pushing me. Making me fall to the ground. "haha look at how clumsy you are" she laughed at me and everyone in class laguhing along. I didnt even bother getting up, i sat there on the floor, holding back my tears.

"aww.. oh look she's about to cry, serves you right! bitch" i notice her grabbing a smoothie from one of the other cheerleaders and before i could even get up, Tori dumped the whole thing on my head, making the liquid go down to my shirt and jeans. I heard everyone in class gasp from what she just did. I started to break down in tears. Niall pushed Tori away from me making her stumble back a little. "oh my god, Chevie, are you okay,com'on get it" Niall put his hand out helping me up. I finally had enough from this. Four fucking years, finally came together and i just... have to let..it out. I hold the tears back, i swallowed and got up. Niall by my side.

"WHAT THE FUCK DID I FUCKING DO SO FUCKING WRONG TO YOU,THAT YOU HAVE TO FUCKING TREAT ME LIKE THIS!! HUH!WHAT IS IT?!? TELL ME, CUZ I AM SICK.. AND FUCKING TIRED OF THIS!" I pushed her shoulder, pissed at everything she every done to me. "I AM FUCKING DONE, *push her shoulder* WITH YOU *push* AND YOUR STUPID LITTlE POSSY *push* PUSHING ME AROUND LIKE THIS! AND ITS GONNA STOP NOW! *push* YOUR GONNA STOP TREATING ME LIKE THIS *pointing at myself* AND STOP TREATING OTHERS LIKE THIS *gesturing to the other tudents* " i yelled at her face. Pushing her one more time, that she was up agaist the wall.

She looked shocked, just like others did. I hadn't notice that there was a cricle around me and Tori.

"yea and whose gonna stop me bitch " she spit in my face. The bell rang, put everyone was to busy, watching me and Tori fighting, to even go sit in their seat. " okay class... WOAH what is going on here  !" Ms.Reedway, pulling me back from Tori's face.

"she started it !" Tori crybabied, pointing at me.

"oh yes, i did because im not the one who is covered in smoothie liquid" i said in sarcasim.

"Ms.Knight!" Ms.Reedway said. "this isnt the time to be joking, go clean up, and take Niall with you, while i send Ms.Tori here to the principal's office... oh and when your done cleaning up, come back here instantly so i can get to the bottom of this"

Niall holded my hand as he pulled me out of the class,making our way into the girls restroom.

"Niall your in the girls room. " i laughed, trying not to cry. "I dont care, Chevie"

When i started to think what Tori did, i felt my eyes start to water. I ran into the nearest stalland look the door,i then sat on the tolient and cried quietly as possible.

I hear footsteps, coming toward. I sniffled and quietly got up.I put my back towards to door and stood there quietly waiting for something to happen. The footsteps stopped, and i felt the door moved, then stopped. A figure leaning on the other side of the stall door.

"Chevie... love, open the door" Niall whispered.

"why, i dont want no one, or you to see me like this" i said threw my raspy and dry voice. I hate it when my voice gets like this from crying.

"Cheviee.. i know you don't want me to see you, but i dont care how you look like right now. Thats not important right now, i just wanna see if your okay. Plus lets get that sticky stuff cleaned off you ... huh ? "

*sniff sniff* "no Niall, just go away"

" Im not leaving untill you open this door "


" com'on stop being to stubborn, and open up.. you.. Smoothie head."

I giggled at what he said, even tho it was true. I indeed did have smoothie... on my head. I sighed, and waiting a couple of seconds. I stepped back from the door, and looked down at my feet, before i slowly unlocked the door. I heard it open slowly. Soon i saw Niall's large sized feet infront of mine. I felt Niall's hand on my chin trying to bring it up,but i shook my head from looking up. I heard him sigh.

Then i felt my eyes getting watery again, so i closed my eyes, so the tears wouldn't stream down my face. Once again i felt Niall's hands on my chin, bringing it up, but this time i let him. I kept my eyes closed. Soon Niall's hand fell from my chin. I sighed, because i thought he saw how ugly i was right now. Although i felt his arms around me, instantly making me feel safe. I gasp at his action, at first i didnt know what to do, but then i slowly wrapped my arms around his body, slowly sobbing into his shirt.

Soon, Niall stopped hugging me, and i opened my eyes, to see his chest and a stain from where i cried.

"Niall your shirt" i said, touching the part that was stained. "im sorry i didn.."

" Its okay Chevie" he interrupted me. He holded my hand, intertwining our fingers. I instantly felt really nervous, i didnt know why. His hand was much bigger then mine, but yet it fitted into his hand perfectly.

"Chevie" he pulled my chin up to face him,with his free hand that wasnt holding my hand. Although i didnt look into his eyes. "Chevie... look at me" I slowly did what he said. I was soon staring at his gorgeous bright, kind blue eyes, that reminded me of the sea.

"Its okay to cry" he said staring in the eyes.

I sniffled and shrugged. Niall led me to the sink and turned on the water. I sighed. Niall picked me up and sat me on the counter near the sink. I gasp on how strong he was to carry something heavy like me. So there i sat on the counter, my eyes following on what Niall was doing. He walked over to where the paper towels were at, and grabbed some. He dipped it into the water, and started cleaning my face. I watched him, and stared into his eyes. He stopped what he was doing and look into my eyes. I felt my insides melt.

"Chevie... look i know i might not know you well, but from the first i saw you, i instantly knew there was something about you that melts my heart. You are the most... beautiful thing i ever saw on earth, and everytime i see you, my heart melts over and over again. I'm not saying i love you, but i know one thing for sure. I care about you alot, and i want to protect you and keep you safe, i dont like to see you hurt Chevie. & right now when your were crying, it hurts me. I dont like seeing you cry, and i dont want you to. I promise i would never hurt you on purpose. I swear if i see anyone hurt you, i swear there dead to me.I dont know what your doing to me, but Chevie... i have a strong ... feeling towards you, and i ..i cant stop it." He said whispering, slowly leaning to me, he looked at my lips and then back up to my eyes. Suddenly i could feel his warm, minty breath on my bottom lips.

I grabbed his neck,pulling him towards me. Our foreheads were touching & then i whispered to him.

" then don't."

Without thinking twice, i leaned in and kiss him, instantly feeling sparks running all threw my body. Butterflies in my stomach, and fireworking on my mind. Oh Niall what did you do to me?


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