& life goes on

" you know what! im done! " i yelled, staring at his oceanic blue eyes. I ran out the bedroom, with tears pouring out of my eyes " Chevie wait !" i heard footsteps behind me. I ignored him and kept running, untill i was out of the house. I hadnt notice i was in the middle of the road, untill i rubbed the tears out of my face & heard my name " CHEVIE ! " he yelled. I turned to my left, to see white lights coming closer... and closer. & then BLACKNESS....


falling in love,



its all apart of life, its your choice how to handle it...


3. Niall James Horan

                 Chapter 2 : Niall James Horan

Chevie's P.O.V

Zayn and I walked through the hallway, to his car. I kept on thinking who would write that letter. I mean maybe its just a joke from Tori. I really dont know. " who do you think its from" Zayn asked. " I have no clue " Zayn looked at me, and i just shrugged. " oh damit, i forgot " "about?"  " Niall" i said looking around for him. " the new irish student? " , "yeaa him".

Niall's P.O.V

I was looking around for Chevie, untill this ' Tori ' girl came. " hey there cutie " she waved at me, " hi " " watchu doing here alone " i notice her twirling her hair, " trying to look for Chevie " i said still looking around. " Chevie ?, hah you must be joking, why look around for her, when you should be looking for me." i looked at her annoyed. " what do you know about her " " i know more then you " she started to feel on my arm. I quickly shook her off my arm. " it doesnt matter , i gotta go bye " , " call me when u wanna have some fun " she smiled then winked at me. She then did a little walk, as her little skirt was showing some of her arse.


I shook my head, and notice Chevie, finally. She was talking to a guy with dark hair and dark sunglasses, but i didnt get why he had them on, i mean it isnt sunny. i shrugged and walked over to her. " Chevie !" i waved at her making my way threw peoples body bumping into mine. " excuse me, pardon me, sorry doll, umm excu.. okay, excuse me " i say finally meeting her gorgeous brown hazelnut eyes. " hey Chevie, you didnt forget about our plan right" i said. " no, i was just talking to my bestfriend " she gestured to the guy next to her. I smiled and said " sup bro, im Niall " shaking his hand. " sup, the names Zayn '', " woah you have a accent " i said shocked, " yea im from Bratford,England "

" cool, from ireland " i smiled. " yea i can tell" he said. We laughed. 


Chevie was just standing there, awkward. " oh Chevie so, umm we can take my car to your house? if you want " i suggested. "umm well yea i think so, umm see you later, Zayn. " we walked as she waved to him. I waved too. " see ya". Zayn waved back, kinda looking awkward, and upset?


As i opened the car door to my bmw, for Chevie. I notice Tori giving us a death stare. I ignored her. As i finished my seatbelt, i looked at her beautiful features. Her eyes, those pink plump lips, and those long fluttery eyelashes. " Niaaall, earth to Niall. " I snapped out of what i was thinking. " oh sorry, so umm where to ?" i smiled

" um go down the road to daisy, then turn left of plymouth" i followed her instructions, " okay , stop right that house with the white fences and dark brown door. " I nodded. As we came to a stop, i parked the car, and turn the ignition off. Chevie grabbed her stuff and thanked me. " no promblem " i grabbed my books and followed her to the big dark door, with glass on it.


Chevie's P.O.V

I turned the key, and opened the door. " mom im home ! " I looked around. " mom , you here ?!" No answer. I walked over to the kitchen . Just as i thought, there was a rote on the refrigerator.

Working late,so dont wait up, be back at 1am. Jimmy left to a meeting. He wont be back untill tommrow. No dinner, sorry hun. Umm just order pizza - love mom :)


"My mom isn't coming home till 1 , so its just us. " I told Niall. " Its cool" he followed me up the stairs. He was looking threw the hallway, noticing the pictures of my family. "aww is this you" Niall said holding a picture of me when i was about 6 , i was in a soccer uniform. Looking dirty from the game there. I nodded and laugh. "you are so cute here" I laughed and thanked him. I opened my bedroom door and threw all my stuff on my bed. "Make your self comfy, ill be back ina bit" i smiled at him. He was just standing there, like a lost puppy. I stared at him and laughed. He shrugged at me and grinned. I walked over to my drawer and got some pajama short bottoms and went inside my bathroom.


Niall's P.O.V


I put my backpack on the ground and walked around. I looked at her room, as i sat on her bed. It was comfy and warm. I flipped threw my bio book, and waited for her. I heared the bathroom door closed. I turned around and saw her in some white and purple poka dot shorts, it kinda matched her plaid shirt. She look so adorable. She had some black socks on, and her hair was in a bun. I noticed she took off her makeup. She looked different but a good different. She looked so beautiful. I felt a vibration in my pocket. I took out my phone, seeing a messege from mum.

"where are you sweetheart?'' I quickly replied , telling her that i was at a friends house going threw some school stuff. She said ok. I felt the mattress slump down behind me. Chevie was sitting there with her legs cross, staring at me. " oh hope you dont mind, i just like to be comfy''

" not at all" i turned around to her with my books in my lap. " ok so what do you wanna start on" she looked up at me.

" how about we not do this, cant we just hang out. I wanna know a little more about the girl i sit by in first period."

" well what do you wanna know "

" umm favortie color ? " 

She paused for a minute and replied " white or baby blue "

" nice, how old are you? "  " 17 "

"whens your birthday? " i asked amused. " November 14th. " she smiled. " hey thats like in three months ". I counted in my head.She nodded obviously agreeing. " can i have your number"

"why" she questioned. "just in case i need it, you know" She looked at me confused, but gave it to me as i gave her my phone. " thanks" i smiled.

" whats your full name " she paused again. " Mary Chevie Knight. " i notice she started to look down, at her hands, that was placed in her lap.


Chevie's P.O.V

About 15 or so, questions after. I answered all of them. " ok ok so enough about me.. how about you lephrecan."  i laughed. "what about me" he asked amused.

" i wanna know about my partner too, who knows, you could be a serial killer" i joked.

" well ok, ask away. Ms.Knight"

I thought of what i should ask ... " whats your favorite animal ?"

" umm.. definatly a giraffe " he laughed and a laughed along with him.

" favorite movie ?" " Grease !"

" Favorite book ?" he paused and replied " probably .. Fledgling by Jason Steed. " I awed, nodding.

" how old are you ?"

" im 18 " he said.

" full name?"

" Niall James Horan" he said.

& that was the day i met the one and only Niall James Horan.





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