All Alone

[Beginning of Excerpt] I am sprinting through the woods in my favorite red cloak as fast as I can. It feels like my heart is going to burst out of my chest. Civilians in the village by the next town over are all chasing me. I am petrified. I take a risked glance behind me. I then run right into a branch and my cloak is ripped off. I change into my wolf form and run. When I pass some type of territory line I changed back into human form and stop. I put some clothes of mine on and notice blood leaking out of me. Unable to do anything, I just sit down and warmly embrace the darkness that's trying to swallow me whole. [End of Excerpt] Syrena Red Jackson and her grandmother were in a pack for as long as she could remember. Her grandmother always called her Red, so that's what she went by. Red went Rogue when her grandmother died on her 12th birthday. She built up walls away from everyone, so she can't get hurt. Her past haunts her, deeply.


3. The Intruder

     *TYLER'S P.O.V.*

     My alpha senses kick in when I smell a trespasser. Then, I smell Her. My mate. My wolf (Cody) howls with joy and I grin inwardly. I mind-link Beta Jackson and tell him to meet me at the front of my house. Finally, I get to share this large house with my Mate. I'm purely ecstatic. That's when I smell blood.

     I immediately sprint towards the scent, with Beta Jackson following closely behind me. I follow the scent and eventually lose Jackson, because I'm running so fast. I come into a clearing close to the territory line and see Her. Or, at least I think that it's my Mate. She is in wolf form and her side is bleeding badly. She appears unconscious.

     For some reason she is changed back into a human. She is skinny and has red hair. It reaches her rib cage and it's so red it's scarlet. The tips are even darker, though, and their coated with blood. I start panicking and get worried. She seems to be average height. Her face is scrunched up in pain. She has bad bags under her eyes, though and I can tell that she doesn't get much sleep. I can't tell what color they are and I wish I knew. She seems so exotic. She seems translucent. She must naturally be pale. At least, I hope she is. She doesn't look like anybody that I know. Every single werewolf has either has lemon-blonde or jet-black hair. She is so beautiful and I wish that her eyes would open.

     I slowly approach Her and place my hand on her arm. She then stirs a little and looks up. I could see a bit of emotion in her eyes, but it was then gone within seconds. She literally slaps me and jumps far away from me. My wolf then howls in protest and I'm a bit hurt. She immediately growls in both pain and frustration.

     I then stare into her eyes. They're apple green with purple specks inside of them. Our eyes lock and it feels like time freezes. She definitely is not like every other werewolf that I know. She is so different compared to everyone that I know.

     "Mate," I whisper. She just shakes her head really fast and looks down. She then pads over to me and goes around me in a circle. My breath immediately catches. I thought that it was good that she was checking me out, but she wasn't. When she spotted her clothes she padded away from me. I see stars and wonder how she is such a good slapper/fighter. I try not to stare at her, but she's just so pretty. I'm so happy that she's my Mate.

     "Excuse, me. Have you ever heard of privacy?" She snaps. Hmmmmm, she must be shy and self-conscious. I then turn around and see Beta Jackson come. She then cries out in pain and falls to the ground. Her blood has already spread through her clothes. She then becomes unconscious and her breathing slows a little.

     I then start freaking out. "Jackson! Jackson, what do we do?" I shout.

     "Calm down, Alpha. It's just a Rogue. She can't be trusted. She could be faking and luring us into a trap," he says.

     I then slowly walk up to her and pick her up. That's when all of the sparks blow up against my arms, body, and hands. It feels like my body is kind of blowing up. In a good way, that is.

     "That doesn't give us the right to leave a fellow werewolf in pain when she's dying. We don't know anything about her. We could take her to the cells and heal her. Then we'll see," I say.

     "Alpha," Jackson growls. "C'mon this is punishable by death. Don't give her any excuses."

     "Fine, she can be on Death Row. Are you happy now? We can decide her fate when she wakes up and the time comes. Geddit?" I say.

     "Okay, we need to go now. That is, because you want to save her so badly," he frowns slightly and looks a bit confused. I bet that he wonders why it is such a big deal to me.

     "Dude! She's my frexing Mate!" I scream.

     "Oh my gosh, I know what you're talking about now! I see why you're so panicked. Just, calm down. She's going to be okay. We still have to put her in the cells, and technically you guys haven't mated yet. She still needs to be questioned. You don't know. Maybe, she'll reject you."

     "Let's just go already." This time I use my alpha voice and growl at him. I turn into a wolf and Jackson props her in a comfortable position on my back. She is leaning into me and my wolf inside (Chase) is howling with joy. It's draining a lot of my energy to fight off my wolf. I then start sprinting (even faster) back to the Pack-Hospital. I use all of my Alpha powers to make me run faster. Especially since Cody is urging me to run even faster.

     When I finally arrive at the Pack-Hospital I change back into human-form and take her into the hospital. I carry her in my arms and they immediately rush up to me and take her from me. She is put onto a stretcher and I am handed some clothes. I shudder inwardly at the thought when I realize that everyone saw all of my... stuff.

     I then sit and wait for a while. I loose track of the time and then a doctor approaches me. I stand up. "Hello, Alpha Tyler," he says.

     "Hello Dr. Register," I nod.

     "The girl that came in about 30 minutes ago is going to be fine. She lost a lot of blood when she was stabbed in her side. It won't take her long to heal. She already has been tremendously. She refuses to answer any questions, though. We know that she isn't mute. Apparently her name is Rebel, but I highly doubt that it's her actual name. You should probaby question her before we throw her into the cells."

     "We'll see," I reply, simply. "May I see her right now?" He just nods and leads me to a room at the end of some hallway. There's a big window and I think it's one-sided, so we can see her, but she can't see us.

     I then walk into the room and my wolf starts howling (again) uncontrollably.



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