All Alone

[Beginning of Excerpt] I am sprinting through the woods in my favorite red cloak as fast as I can. It feels like my heart is going to burst out of my chest. Civilians in the village by the next town over are all chasing me. I am petrified. I take a risked glance behind me. I then run right into a branch and my cloak is ripped off. I change into my wolf form and run. When I pass some type of territory line I changed back into human form and stop. I put some clothes of mine on and notice blood leaking out of me. Unable to do anything, I just sit down and warmly embrace the darkness that's trying to swallow me whole. [End of Excerpt] Syrena Red Jackson and her grandmother were in a pack for as long as she could remember. Her grandmother always called her Red, so that's what she went by. Red went Rogue when her grandmother died on her 12th birthday. She built up walls away from everyone, so she can't get hurt. Her past haunts her, deeply.


4. My First Day

     *REBEL'S P.O.V.*

     A random stranger approaches me as I sit still in a hospital bed. I remember everything that happened, but I refuse to talk to anyone. My wolf starts howling and his scent hits me like a ton of bricks. He smells like a midsummer night with all of the flowers and plantsalong with a hint of lemon.

     He's wearing my favorite color on his shirt: red. He's also wearing ripped jeans along with his red flannel shirt. He looks extremely cute and I am feeling a bit repulsed. I look at him weirdly and then gaze at the floor. He's still staring at me intently and it feels really awkward. He then starts walking a bit towards me.

     I look up and stare. Our eyes immediately lock and this time I don't look away. He looks like every other were wolf that I've ever known or seen. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. His stance and posture that makes him scream: Alpha. Plus, his aura says that he's an alpha. Well, he should know that I am too.

      For a minute we just stay there, staring at each other. Finally, he breaks the silence and says, "Hello, Mate." Just the word sends shivers down my back. Shivers race down my back because I know that he's just another person that will try to get into my heart. He'll try to find out things abput me and he'll ask me plenty of questions. Thinking, that he's entitled to know every single thing about me just because he's my mate.

     "Hi," I say, cautiously.

     "What's your name?" He asks giving me a curious look and placing a chair at the foot of my bed so he can stare at me.

     "Rebel," I reply with a shrug casually. I make sure to hide my emotions, knowing that I can't trust him. Or anybody for that matter, really.

     "Were you born with that name?" I shake my head no. "What's your real name then?"

     "None of your business," I snap harshly.

     "Well, it kind've is. I'm Alpha of this pack and it's my business to know everybody in my territory. Especially, if they're my Mate."

     "Technically, it isn't your business to know about me, because I'm going to leave soon. Don't worry, you won't have to get your panties in a twist, trying to get to know me. Even though, you know that I most likely won't answer any of your questions. You still want to try and see if you can get me to open up to you and share all of my deepest darkest secrets." At this I roll my eyes.

     He just keeps staring at me and it becomes uncomfotable. He knows that I'm both right and uncomfortable. "Look where being a Rogue got you," he finally says.

    "Right, in the care and keeping of you," I growl. For about a second, I can tell that he's having trouble keeping his wolf tamed.

    "No, stabbed," he says seriously.

     "I would've fine without you guys," I pause. "What's your name?"

     "My name is Tyler." I just nod. "Now, what's your real name?"

     "Rebel, I told you this earlier."

     "No, I mean the one your parents gave you."

     "Why do you want to know so badly?"

     "I want to know because you are my Mate and my pack's soon-to-be Luna."

     "Well, considering that tresspassing is an act against the coe, then shouldn't you guys just kill me?"

     "Yes, but I wanted to give you a chance to explain yourself. Plus, I don't think that you can throw your own Mate in a cell."

     "Whatever." I then swings my legs over the bed and get up. Then he's immediately at my side, gripping my arm to help me.Tingles and sparks immediately explode and it's really weird. I then rip my arm away from his grasp and grown, "I don't need your help." I start to wobble a bit and I reach out to grip his arm. He puts an arm around my back to support me and the tingles are back and traveling everywhere. I then shudder and hobble away.

     It doesn't take me long to reach the room, but my side still hurts. Soon enough, the pain is over anyway. I smirk and say, "I'm fine." I then open the door and grab my clothes sitting in  chair. I wander around until I find a girl's bathroom. I go in and change into my clothes. I notice that they were washed and I roll my eyes. I take my time putting on my clothes, making sure that I don't make my side start bleeding. I'm now wearing my sunglasses that cover my eyes and that resemble a mirror to show what I see. I'm also in a baggy and slightly ripped T-Shirt along with a pair of ripped jeans. They are ripped at the knees and in other various places.

     I walk out of the bathroom and put my sunglasses on. I put my hair up into a bun and walk outside. I'm immediately swarmed by strangers. The only person that I recognize is the Alpha that happens to be my Mate. He slowly approaches me and everybody moves out of his way.

     They all stare at me and I shiver a little. Due to both the chill and the gazes. I forgot that it was winter. Everybody else is wearing their jacket. Nobody talks for at least 5 minutes.

     Eventually I roll my eyes and say, "Look, I'm not an alien. Can I just go for a walk now?"

     "You need somebody to guard you and make sure you don't run away," somebody from the crowd replies.

     I place a hand on my hip and tilt to the side a little. "Well, shouldn't I go to some cell or something? I don't care."

    "Beta Jackson, I will escort Rebel to the cells. Go get her a jacket or something." Tyler commands a boy to his left. Again, I roll my eyes and follow him. I make sure to keep at least 5 steps away from him. He leads me to a stone building with cells in it. He opens a cell and looks grimly at me as I walk inside. I then plop myself onto the cot and lay down.

     I close my eyes and slowly fall asleep.


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