Surprisingly,I've taken a slight liking to poetry,so here. My sucky beginner poems XP


9. Red

There was a boy who had a different life

All of which no one considered "nice"

He slept in the streets

He hated everyone he'd meet

Until he met an older man who was rather sweet.

He took him in

He wondered why the child was so sad

He cooked, cleaned, and worked for him,

As if he were the child's dad.

But still,

No one else loved the child,

Even if the love was a little mild.

He was still a little cruel,

Seeing the world ever so dull.

So he spiced things up,

And it worked like a charm.

He kept millions of civilians

From suffering any harm.

But one day he cried

And one day he died.

The only thing that he saw was red,

And it flashed before his eyes.


I fricked up last time. My apologies, Earthlings. *bows*

I may or may not join a movellas competition. Shoul I? Or nah?


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