Surprisingly,I've taken a slight liking to poetry,so here. My sucky beginner poems XP


5. My Wish

My Wish

It would be cool,you know,

If our world were full of superheroes.

Then crimes will be gone

I won't be alone,

And this world won't feel like it's full of mindless drones.

If I met a hero,well,that'll be nice

Maybe I'd meet Captain America,who was frozen in ice

And batman who saved so many lives

Without using powers,or that many knives

Possibly I can see

The heroes that have come close to defeat

The ones that are lonely,hurt,and scarred,

The ones with lots of pain in their hearts

I would help them to be happier again

And maybe be even one of them

But of course,

It would never happen

Because,well,it's all that I imagine

The heroes,the powers,

The happiness and flowers

The world will never be perfect,

Even with them in existence,

But as my job,I have to keep the persistence

Of my mind,

My thoughts,

My heart and soul,

Of imagining those heroes

In my own world


When will I ever write a poem that's has NOTHING to do with romance or superheroes?! Never? You got that! ... I have a new fangirl poem coming up -.•

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