Surprisingly,I've taken a slight liking to poetry,so here. My sucky beginner poems XP


4. I Wish You Knew I Loved You

I wish you knew I loved you

And I wish that you loved me

But how,foolish,

Of course

You love that other girl I see.

She has long,blonde hair

And a beautiful,bright smile

But all inside

She's full of selfish pride

But still,

You stay with her all the while

Me? I'm just blunt

Compared to her beauty,I'm a runt

My hair is brown

And my smile is shy

But I don't like to brag

About my talents

And my life's main challenge

Of not being treated like a drag

But still,

I wish you knew I loved you

It's all so true

I love your smile

And your bright eyes,

Oh please,it makes me die inside

And how I imagine our time together

It sounds like absolute bliss

If we cuddled,if we hugged,

And maybe,if we kissed.

We'd walk at the beach by the sunset

Hand in hand we go

And then you'll kneel

And ask me to marry you

And..oh,why would I say no?

But you'll never know I love you.

You only love her,it's true.

So go ahead

Live your life

Without me,you're good

But just remember,

From January to December

That I love you

Whether you know

Whether you'll say no

It's true

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