Loved Unconditionally

Rydel Mary Lynch has grown up thinking that her name was Rydel Mary Hill. She thought that because she lived with her, so called, "mom", Mary Hill. But One Day, Rydel meets a cute boy named, Ross. They then started dating. Ross' family met Rydel's family. And Well.... Let's just say, things didn't go as expected for Rydel or Ross. Who knew your whole life could change in one night?


3. Piano

Rydel POV

I walked away thinking about Ross. Then Peyton called my name making me interrupt my thoughts..



"Who was that guy over there?!? Do you have a boyfriend I don't know about? Oh my gosh! He is such a cutie!"Peyton said quickly.

"His name is Ross and We just met!"I answered

"Ooh! Someone's got a crushy wushy!"She teased

"No I don't! How do you know?"

"Because whenever you like someone you play with that bracelet I gave you"Peyton pointed out.

I looked Down at the  pink bracelet on my wrist that says 'BFF's Forever'. I remember when Peyton gave me that bracelet.I was in 1st Grade..Ahh!! The Good times! :-D

"Oh Whatever! I'll text you later!"I said walking away.

I think I might really have a crush on Ross! But I cannot tell anyone! Not even Peyton..Maybe I should just keep this to myself.

I got home and changed my clothes. I put on some skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, black coneverses, and a leather jacket. I checked the time and It was 2:00 pm.So I headed out the door to this dance school I work at called "The Rage" since I am a dance teacher.

Ross POV

I think I just met the Love of my life.She has hazel eyes and is shorter than me.Her name Is Rydel.She has blonde hair and looks like she is around my age. She has lived in my area ever since she was little. But,I wonder how we have never met before.

My name is Ross Lynch. I have blonde hair and I am 17.I am 6"0 and I have three brothers.One is named Riker.Then Comes Rocky and the youngest is Ryland.We live with our parents Stormie and Mark Lynch.

After I met Rydel I felt Starstruck.Like she could be the one.I never felt this way for a girl before.It was like we had a special connection.Like we were meant to be.

I walked home so I could tell my brothers about Rydel.When I finally arrived I found Ryland daydreaming in bed.

Ryland and I share a room.Riker and Rocky have their own rooms.Our parents share a room too.Our house is big and we have a pool.

"What is wrong lil Bro?"I asked interrupting his thoughts

"Uh..Nothing!"He jumped not realizing I entered the room.

Since no one else was home I wanted to tell RyRy about meeting Rydel.

Wow they both has Ry in their names.What a coincedence!

"I just met my lover!"I said falling onto my bed

"Who is She? Is she cute?"

"Hey! Don't too excited she's mine and I got DIBS!"I said raising my eyebrow.

"Why Does DIBS have to apply to everything?"He complained.

"Its the ultimate guy code.And her name is Rydel.She looks kind of like us!"

"Rydel and Ryland..Both have 'Ry' in it and The letter 'R' what a coincidence"

Just then I heard the front door slam shut..I was guessing it was Our parents, Rocky and Riker.I walked out my room and towards the stairway

"Hey Lil bro!"Rocky and Riker said in unison as they walked up the stairs.

I followed them into Rikers Room.

"I need help!And this time its with a girl!"I insisted

"Aww our lil bro finally found a girl!"Rocky teased he nudged me

"I met this girl Rydel at the park and We exchanged numbers.I am wondering if I should ask her out?"I asked but it sounded more like a statement

Rocky and Riker looked at me with a 'duh' look.

"I am assuming that is a yes!"I said sounding confused

"Of course! Where are you thinking of taking her?"Riker asked.

"Olive Garden!"

"Perfect! Where a tuxedo or something! Girls like that!"

"Thanks guys!"I said as I walked into my room and tried to fall asleep.

I couldn't really fall asleep because All I could think about was Rydel..

Oh Rydel..I hope you like me back...


Hi Everyone Sorry for the long wait! Between Christmas and Preparing for it its been a lot! I hope you all are enjoying my fanfic as much as I am..So How was your Christmas? Did you get any gifts? Well I know New Years is coming up so Imma make sure to keep updating as much as I can for you all!!
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