Used and Abused || 1.D.


1. Chapter 1 - What Started It All

Chapter 1- What Started It All

Ariella's POV

It's Monday and school just let out. I walk out of my English Honors class and into my locker. I get to locker 269 and type in the combination, 54, 36, 14, and pull the latch to open the door. I grab my beanie and throw my bag into my locker and slam the door. I'm a senior in high school and probably the most hated person on the planet. I yank out my iPod and blast my music. A One Direction song comes on and I become relaxed. I walk out the back school doors and get a couple looks from classmates. They don't know me. They don't know what I've been through. I walk through the school hallways hearing people talk about the latest rumor they just heard about me. I ignore them, or at least try to. I nearly get hit by a school bus that wouldn't stop. I give the drive the finger, pissing the driver off, obviously. I make my way off school property and see a full pack of cigarettes lying in the grass. I've considered smoking before but I'm not a bad girl. I do my best in school and all that crap, but my mum doesn't buy any of my stories whether they're true or not. I put the cigarettes in my purse and continue walking. I cross the street and creep into a nearby alleyway that you're not supposed to go through, but I do anyways because it saves me a shorter walk. I trip and fall into a huge pothole in the alleyway, putting a hole in my jeans causing my to start gushing blood. Not only that, I realize it put a huge hole in my purse too. Just great. Now I'm gonna be late. I begin to pick up my stuff when I heard a noise behind me. I turn around to the sight of a baby Golden Retriever. I pick him up and hand him to the little boy that was chasing him. He thanked me and I head back to the alley, only this time, I realize I'm not alone. I get attacked by a short guy in a black hoodie and another guy puts a cloth over my mouth. I begin to become lightheaded when I realized the guys are grabbing my stuff, one of them is opening my pack of cigarettes. He can keep them, it's not like I was ever gonna use them anyways. Someone picks me up and hauls me over their should, I see four other guys on the back whispering. I try screaming but I have very little energy left. I get thrown into a trunk and the rest is a blur from there.


Ashley Benson as Ariella James

Harry Styles as himself

Liam Payne as himself

Niall Horan as himself

Louis Tomlinson as himself

Zayn Malik as himself

Paul Higgins as himself

Josh Devine as himself

Selena Gomez as Lycia

Sandy Beales as himself

Dan Richards as himself

Jon Shone as himself

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