One Direction & 5SOS Imagines

We do one direction and 5 seconds of summer imagine for anyone who requests one. To request one you must to do the following:
Name: Clara
Person: Harry
Topic: First Date
Setting: Park

It's that simple! We will put up your request as soon as possible!
@_clarastylesss and @MRS.DIRECTION_1993


3. Niall For Brittney

"AHHH YOU'RE FINALLY HERE" Louis screamed at me. He was having his annual Halloween Party. I was dressed up as an angel with cute little wings and a halo. He was dressed as a clown.

"I'm 5 minutes early." I said.

"Sassy" he said embracing me in a Louis hug. We were having a small party with 10 of our closest friends. Louis and I have known each other since we were two so we were basically brother and sister. Five minutes later people started arriving. First Harry, Zayn, and Liam. Then Michael, Luke, Ashton, Niall, and then Calum. I was the only girl, but I didn't really care because this is our squad and I love our squad. 

"Let's get a game of truth or dare going while I get the drinks." Michael said. Yeah we drink. We're 20. The law doesn't need to know that we break it. We all sat down in a circle, well more like an oval. 

"I'll start!" Calum said sounding really hyperactive. 

"Niall truth or dare." Calum asked. 

"Truth" he said.

"Don't be a chicken pick dare." 

"Fine dare."

"I dare you to go make out with Brittney." Calum said. My eyes widened. I had always had a crush on Niall, but nobody knew it. I didn't want anyone to know it. Niall crawled over to me because he said he was too lazy to walk. That's why I like him. We're both lazy and like to eat a lot. He looked me dead in the eyes as his lips touched mine. I felt fire heating up in my chest. I kissed back as our lips moved together. I repositioned myself so I was sitting on his lap. I wasn't grinding, but I was kind of moving butt around enough to make his friend become noticeable. Our lips moved apart. 

"I'm glad I picked dare." Niall whispered lingering his words onto my neck as he grabbed my hands and we went upstairs.



I hope you enjoyed it Brittney ! Thank you for reading and please keep commenting.



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