Magic the Gathering: Phyrexian Invasion - Book I: Ancient Barriers

A stem-off of the magic the gathering storyline in a way none have attempted to my knowledge. A conspiracy involving Nicol Bolas and Phyrexia is brewing as the multiverse slowly moves towards chaos after the Theros crysis. An unlikiely band of planeswalkers attempt to intervine, but soon realize that they were too late before they'd even began. (This book I s one of three and is not nearly as good or captivating as the other two which are nearly finished. I warn you the beginning is shotty and the book is hard to put up with until the last few chapters. Afterward the end, and the next book is much better so please bear through it.)


11. Twin Sparks... The beginning of a Long Journey

~~Most of the fighting had ceased by midnight. The city seemed to be in an unusual state of sleep. The only sound to be heard was the occasional cry of pain from a wounded soldier, and marching metal feet. I stood atop a half-leveled building with Gideon, who was watching the horizon for Phyrexian scouting craft. We had been quietly awaiting the signal that would alert of the beginning of our portion of the plan. An explosion on a nearby rooftop broke the silence of the night. It was time.

Gideon handed me my makeshift glider that he’d helped me craft from busted building frame, and decrepit flag pieces stitched together with much finger pain on my part. He wished me luck and left. I grabbed onto the untrustworthy piece of scrap, shield and sword mounted to my back. My spear was being held for me by Gideon while I glided, so I wouldn’t hurt myself with it when I landed.  I got a running start and, much to my displeasure, leaped from the building.
My objective: to infiltrate Trask tower through a hole on 23rd floor and take the private elevator to my father’s office on the top floor of the building so I could retrieve the files. As I sailed the gap between the two buildings, I got extremely nauseous. I was terrified of heights, and hated that I had been selected for this portion of the plan. However it wasn’t unreasonable that I do it, as I was the only one who had even the most remote sense of how to break into my father’s computer.

All was going smoothly, till the wind picked up. I was lifted three feet into the air, and one the stitches in the sail portion of the glider popped. Then another, and another, I dropped quickly, my rate of descent increased dramatically. I fell two floors short of the hole in the building, and crashed through the glass of the 21st floor. I got up, painfully inspected my arms and chest. The shield on my back had saved my back and neck from injury, but my right arm had six individual pieces of glass lodged into it from the shoulder down. With much, screaming, and kicking, I pulled the shards from my arm. I was bleeding profusely, so I used my shirt as a makeshift bandage for my arm. It wasn’t very clean, or effective, but it stopped the bleeding. I had made quite the racket though, and could hear Phyrexian footsteps moving in on my position. I ducked under a piece of fallen ceiling, and readied my stolen shield and sword.
I heard footsteps. There were at least three of them, maybe five at most. I couldn’t take them all, even with the element of surprise. Next to me there lay a dead guard. His pistol loaded in his hand. I slowly reached out to grab it. I wasn’t strong, but I had always been a sure shot with a gun. This was a Glock, standard issue, 40 cal. It would splatter their Phyrexians brains all over the wall if used right. I sheathed my sword into my belt, and cocked the Glock.

One set of footsteps got closer and closer to my position. It began to lift the debris I was hiding under, only to have me shoot its left eye out before it could so much as react. It dropped the heavy ceiling chunk and cried out in pain. While the others were distracted, I rolled out and shot the nearby porcelain Legionnaire in the back of the head, spraying porcelain and oil out its face in a gloriously gory display of mechanical death. I had already put three bullets through the neck of a third, effectively decapitating it, before the last realized what was happening. It tossed a blade at my head, which I knocked away harmlessly with my heavy shield, and shot it between the eyes one-handedly. The first lie on the ground twitching and bleeding oil from its eye injury.

I realized I needed to get moving fast. I had just made a shit-load of noise, and would be totally overrun soon if I didn’t make my way to the top quickly. I ran out of the room and down the hall till I reached the elevator complex at the middle of the floor. It had six enemy soldiers inside, which I dispatched with what remained of my clip. I picked up a few new magazines from the dead guards in the room, and entered the pass code for my father’s elevator. It slowly came screeching to the proper floor and opened for me. I set all the operational elevators on the floor to go to different floor, to throw any pursuers off my trail. I stepped in the appropriate elevator, and went to the top.

It took a few minutes to reach the top, as the elevator was not operating at normal capacity. I was lucky the building even had power at all, as most of the city was now without. I had always thought my father was crazy for having a back-up generator for the building, now I was the fool. It screeched to a steady halt on the top floor. The doors opened, and I was faced with a room full of Phyrexians standing around my father’s meeting table. High-rank Phyrexians. They hadn’t seen me yet, as the elevator was at the far end of the room, and the doors were always very quiet, so it wouldn’t disturb a meeting my father was holding.

My father was sitting at the head of the table, surrounded by dead staff, and being watched like a hawk by the commanding Plague-Master of the procession. He saw me, but did not react, so as not to give me away. They were interrogating him for something, and whatever it was, he wouldn’t give it to them. One of them was speaking English. “Give us what we want, or the praetorssss will take it from you human!” One said in its serpent voice. My father made no expression. “I won’t give you anything. You can have fun finding the other cities with any satellites or internet to hack into.” He said calmly. He’d shut down the global infrastructure. I was thoroughly impressed with my father. He wasn’t giving these freaks anything, and was basically sitting right before their most powerful officers and calmly telling them to go fuck themselves.

“Insssssolent human!! You shall pay mosssst dearly for your resistance!” It promptly stabbed him in the abdomen. No… “BASTARDS!!!!!” I screamed, and shot the Phyrexian Plague-Master in the face three times before charging into the room blindly shooting. My Glock ran out, I dropped the gun, drew my sword, and began swinging. I felled six thusly, and made it to the one that’d stabbed my father. I began stabbing it over and over again even though I’d already blown its mechanical brains out. I felt a blade rise behind me; I spun and beheaded the attacker in one foul swipe. The glass wall eight feet away exploded. Neko and Gideon charged through on a griffin’s back. Neko tossed me my spear; I caught it, and threw it across the room and into the chest of the legionnaire trying to get Gideon from behind.

I was not ever this good with weapons, but I was becoming a war machine: ruthless and unstoppable. Neko was becoming faster with the long-sword he’d taken off of a dead Phyrexian.  We were back to back, slaughtering whatever got close. Then something welled inside of me. A warm sensation in my chest, constantly growing, until it became so hot it was unbearable. Neko was experiencing something similar. Suddenly, the warmth inside both of us exploded, removing the roof and walls from the top floor of the tower, as well as eliminating the last of the Phyrexians on the top floor. I was glowing; my spear came flying back to me. My sword was reshaping itself into a Spartan style blade and sheathed itself in a leather scabbard that appeared at my side. My spear transformed into adamantine, and grew to a much sturdier, deadlier size. My shield became thicker, shinier, and adamantine, like my sword and spear. My face was covered by a glowing helm of Adamantine, and my clothes were turned bright red and gold and became a Spartan’s leggings and cape, as I grew to a muscular and manly build.

The same had happened to Neko. His Sword had become a straight double-edged long-sword, and a scythe that hung from between his new found angel wings. He wore robes back as night, and his hood actually became his face when it covered his head. It just became a black abyss. He was like an angelic nightmare of equilibrium, and I, I was a hellish Spartan warrior. The ultimate killing machine and greatest war-force earth had.

Our Planeswalker sparks had become linked, making us twins of our souls, and had ignited at exactly the same moment. We were the first planeswalkers to ever hail from this universe. The twins of Anarchy...
Bane of Phyrexia…



  End of Book One

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