Bitter Flower

The harsh truth about roses


1. bitter flower

Why me?
Why choose me of all my kind;
to say sorry for cheating on your wife,
or missing your daughters graduation day.
Why am I the flower of choice, 
for valentines day and all those other sappy holidays;
When I am fierce my petals are blood.
How, with my sharp thorns and harsh color,
the flower given to get laid or the queen of romantic cliche's.
I am red. I am rage. I should represent wars and death
however so often called the flower of love.
You use my body for every other reason,
to say goodbye, for temporary or more permanent voyages
but not for the message I secretly possess.
For those men who apologize after violence to lovers
For the last sight of a loved one disappearing into the ground forever.
Roses are not the symbol of love, 
but the spoils of war after a long time of carnage
be it between lovers or death itself.
Next time we meet be sure not to mistake me 
for my outward disguise, hides the truth of my macabre and evil nature.

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