The secret

Zoe lives with her dad's Harry and Louis they throw a dinner party one night with all her dad's friends and goes into the attic for something but finds something interesting


9. off to Justin's

Louis pov

"Baby girl." "Yes." "well we never told anyone about you not the media at least. We wanted to keep you a secret."

"Oh damn." Justin said

"Shut up Justin." Harry said


"Why not?" Zoe asked

"Well we didn't want the media to do what they are doing now."

"Listen zo we will get through this and they'll go away eventually. I think." Harry said


"Can I go talk to them?" Zoe asked

"No no no."

"Why not maybe they'll go away?"

"They won't you'll just encourage them."

Justin's pov

She got up and tried to head out the door but I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her down.

"No Zoe if you talk to them your grounded." Harry said

"Daddy!!!" Zoe said

"I'm sorry but that's that."


"Hey Zoe just let it go I don't need you getting grounded we got things to do."

"I hate all of you." Zoe said

"We know." I said


I can't believe they won't let me go talk to that camera crew god it's so annoying.

And you know what's even more annoying that justin won't ask me out. Wow did I just think that? Haha glad to know my priorities are straight.

" hey my moms calling I'll be right back." Justin said

"K." I said back as he walked out of the room

Oh my god he is tall I like that in a guy. Fuck Zoe why don't you just ask him out.

I said that last sentence out loud forgetting my dad's were there.

I was still staring at the doorway

"Zo?" My dAddy asked

"What?" I said not thinking I said it outloud

"Do you like justin?" Dad asked

"WHAT EW NO!" I yelled even though I did. A lot.

"Zo you just said " fuck Zoe why don't you just ask him out" and stared out the door." Daddy said

"No I do not like him." I said sternly

"Baby girl why are you lying?" Dad asked

"I don't know." I said giving up

"Well my secrets out why don't you just TELL THE WORLD."

"Tell the world what?" Justin said coming in

"That you're gay." I said not hesitating

"GASP HOW DID YOU KNOW?" Justin said in a super girly voice.

We both busted out laughing.

" anyways girl I gotta go my mom needs me home to babysit Joey." He said

"Can I come?" "Sure."

"Sweet. I love Joey he is so cute."

"But not as cute as me." Justin stated

"Zo did you not think to ask us?" Daddy said

"It's Justin's house I never ask to go over there."

"I know it's just now that our secrets out you have to be carful going places."


"Justin your parked around back right?" Dad said

"Yes sir."

"Alright I need you to drive even further in the other direction and loose them at the turn signal into the woods be side they are going to try and follow you."

"Alright I can mange that."

"Come on shortie."

"I hate it when you call me that."

"I've been calling you that for 10 years it's not gonna stop."


We headed out and lost the news crew.

Now on the way to Justin's house.

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