Falling For You

2 best friends go to England because they have been accepted to go to UNI. They each got jobs there and bought a flat to share. One day they go to the mall and run into 5 boys with pull overs and sun glasses they looked familiar but they didn't say anything other than sorry and walked away. Little did they know those 5 boys were none other than One Direction!


3. Chelsea Barns

Chelsea Barns
Hi my name is Chelsea!! I'm 20 years old and live in Chesapeake VA USA. My birthday is February 10 1994. I just
moved out of my parents house and I'm waiting for college acceptance letters.


More About Me

•Favorite Color: Pink
•Parents: Jerome Barns (Dad) Tiffany Barns (Mom)
•Siblings:1 Brother- Nick Barns (25)
•Best Friend: Victoria Slayer, and Kayla Spice
•Work At: Holister
•Hair Color: Brown
•Eye Color: Brown
•Hair Type: Straight
•Favorite Food: Chinese Food
•Favorite Hobby: Dancing
•Favorite Band: One Direction
•Favorite Song: Midnight Memories By One Direction
•Single indecision
•I'm a girly girl
•Well, Bye!!!!!!!!




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