Falling For You

2 best friends go to England because they have been accepted to go to UNI. They each got jobs there and bought a flat to share. One day they go to the mall and run into 5 boys with pull overs and sun glasses they looked familiar but they didn't say anything other than sorry and walked away. Little did they know those 5 boys were none other than One Direction!


6. Chapter 3

~~Victorias POV
I woke up and all that was on my mind was "Concert. I am going to meet 5SOS!"
I was going crazy.
I soon calmed down and left my room!
I ate breakfast and then went to wake Chelsea up seeing as it was 12:00 pm.
I panicked and did a double take looking at the time!
I still need to dye my hair was all I was thinking.
I still had red hair and I needed brown hair for my hair to match my outfit.
I went and woke Chelsea up then went to dye my hair and shower.
When I got out the shower I dressed in my 5 SOS outfit and walked out.
When I went in the kitchen Chelsea was there dressed and eating breakfast.
I looked at the clock and it said 1:00. I told Chelsea it was time to go and we were off to the concert.
When we got there we looked around and saw the huge line.
The doors opened only minutes after we got there so we luckily didn't have to wait in to long.
We got lucky when we found out our seats were in the front row.
We sat down and watched as the seats around us filled with people!
We were talking about the craziest thing we ever ate when the openers came on stage.
It turns out One Direction were opening for 5 SOS.
Chelsea was screaming like crazy when she heard that.
They sang Midnight Memories, You and I, and Little Black Dress.
Chelsea was going crazy.
I was laughing and screaming and just like the rest of the crowd.
Then they all started laughing like crazy a fan yelled something and next thing we know Louis and Niall are on the floor.
They soon calmed down and finished singing.
Soon they were gone and 5 SOS took their place on stage.
---I am skipping the concert because I have never been to one---
The concert ended and we went to the waiting room for the meet and greet to start.
Louis POV
I was at home getting ready for the 5 SOS concert we were opening at when Liam broke into the room saying it was time to go.
I laughed and said "Okay, let me grab my jacket."
We all got in the Van and drove to the concert.
When we got there we were rushed back stage to get dressed.
I was wearing my regular style.
I was walking towards all the boys reading the rules for the show.
Apparently, we had to be at the meet and greet after the show.
---Skipping the wait back stage----
We were walking onto the stage and heard screams.
I am still surprised how we or 5 SOS made it this big.
We walked up the stage and saw the people in the first row.
I was looking at all the people in the front row when I saw the girls we ran into at the mall.
I thought back to that when I started laughing to myself.
Liam stared at me and asked what happened when I told him the girls we ran into were at the concert.
He started laughing to and then told Niall and Zayn.
Soon we were all laughing our butts off. (A/N HAA Butt! I know a kid who's last name is Butt!)
The crowd was staring at us like we were crazy and then one person yelled "What's so funny?!?!?!!??"
That made me and Niall fall to the ground laughing.
We soon stopped laughing and finished our songs.
---Skipping 5 SOS Performance---
We were all sat back stage waiting to start the meet and greet.
The meet and greet started like 10 minutes later so now there is a huge line in front of us full of screams, cries, laughs, and bored faces.
I was looking in the line and saw the girls again I was laughing just thinking about them so I was letting out small giggles which I guess were a little loud cause a lot of girls awed at me.
We signed and took pictures with the whole lie but those girls.
Its turns out they were in  the back as in the last people in line.
When they finally made it to the front they asked for autographs and pictures one was more peppy and excited then the other but I can't really do anything about that!!
I may or may not have put a Skype name on the more quite ones CD.
They soon left and soon they left we did too.
Woo!! I have finally updated!! I am so sorry I haven't updated I have been working on my new story but eh here this is!!!
I put 200 more words than usual in this chapter though so yay update!! Woo!!! Sorry this chapter is bad!!



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