Falling For You

2 best friends go to England because they have been accepted to go to UNI. They each got jobs there and bought a flat to share. One day they go to the mall and run into 5 boys with pull overs and sun glasses they looked familiar but they didn't say anything other than sorry and walked away. Little did they know those 5 boys were none other than One Direction!


4. Chapter 1

Victoria's POV
"Mom I'm going to Chelsea's House!!" I yelled out to her
Okay be back by midnight tonight!" Is what I hear back
I started getting ready and decided to wear this then I grabbed my phone and keys and walked to Chelsea's house.
When I got there I said hi to Chelsea and walked into her house.
Chelsea was dressed in this.
We said hi to each other and were off to my house to get my bags.
I might have forgotten to mention that me and Chelsea are moving to England to go to UNI.
We got there quickly and told my mom we were leaving she said bye and we were off to the airport.
When we got there we almost missed our plane but made it just in time.
(A/N Going to skip the plane ride cause I have never been on a plane.)
The plane landed in England at 7:00.
Chelsea and I went to get our luggage and left to get a taxi.
We got in the cab and told him the address of the flat we bought.
When we got there we searched the place and then went to bed.
I showered and then changed into my pajamas got into my bed to sleep.
I woke up at 8:00 A.M and took a shower.
I died my hair red ( In the outfit link) and got dressed in my Marvel Outfit and went to eat breakfast.
Chelsea was eating cereal in her Lazy Day Out Outfit.
When we finished eating we decided to go to the mall.
---A/N Skipping car ride---
When we got to the mall we went straight to Hollister and I bought more wallets(You will see them in future outfits)
Then we walked to Claires and I bought more hair dye.
We kept walking from store to store buying random things.
We were in Hot Topic when I said "I want to get food!!"
Chelsea agreed so we went to the food court to get some Nandos ( A/N I know almost nothing about England so I try my best.)
We got in line to order.
When we got to the front of the line we ordered enough to feed an army cause I love to eat.
When we were walking to a table with our food we crashed into someone or 5 someones.
I watched as all the food fell to the floor and cried "Nooooooo the food!!!!!" then looked up at the 5 boys we ran into they looked stunned and they looked like they were holding in their laughter too.
Chelsea was next to me now standing but laughing so hard she might just fall again from laughter.
The five guys let loose as soon as I started yelling at them I yelled at them saying "You just made me spill my happiness", "You better buy me that whole menu all over again", or probably their favorite since they started laughing harder "You are all poop just poop! Go buy me more food you poops that was my happiness I can't just not eat you are all poop!!!!"
They were all on the floor laughing after that.
I looked up angry and stared at them and if stares could kill they would have all been dead.
A/N Not Edited Yet. Thanks For Reading. This is my first story!smiley





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