The Man with the Blue Box

This is my story for the Doctor Who competition. Hope you like it!!!!!!! It is based on Option #2. ~Sara :)


2. Letter from the Doctor- Doomsday

Dear Reader,


Doomsday started on a planet 100,000 years before the Earth was said to have one, so if anything, your planet hasn't had its Doomsday, yet. So, no excuses as to why you are not reading this! This planet was on the other side of the universe and its not a place that I would travel to often. As a matter of fact, I never did travel to this place. I only know of this place due to the fact that my people destroyed it, and I had to do something to help the remaining survivor.

This planet, was Romern. The people on Romern were humans with Silurian intellect. And just like on the Rings of Akhaten, they had their special customs. And one of these customs was like becoming a TimeLord on Gallifrey. The ceremony was to initiate the forthcoming of new Space Children. You may think what a ridiculous name for an event for something as important as it was, but it was sacred to them and was passed down from generation to generation. They initiate only certain children between the ages of 14 to 18. The children go through the process and they receive immortality(this does not mean they cannot die, only that they can live forever), knowledge of the universe and they can specialize in one elements. The process is as uncertain as looking into time and space itself. I found the last of the Space Children, a lonely girl. She lost her brother, her family and everything. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the story of the last of the Space Children. That is all I can say for now, dear friends.


With love,

The Doctor

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