The Man with the Blue Box

This is my story for the Doctor Who competition. Hope you like it!!!!!!! It is based on Option #2. ~Sara :)


8. Epilogue

The Doctor stared at the vial that Aberdeen had described to him just before she died. He silently started to cry, knowing that there was something he could've done to save her. It was like the time that he had lot Rose Tyler. Ah Rose, my Rose Tyler. He couldn't help but smile through the tears.

"Is everything okay up there?" he heard Amy call.

"She's gone. But she told me not to grieve over her, for she accepted death." he said as he told a half-lie about grieving to Amy. He hurried down the stairs, quickly shoving the vial into his left pant pocket. As he started to hit buttons and switch knobs and pull levers, he thought of Aberdeen. She had given her only hope of living to him, because he could use it more than she could. With everything that happens in the universe, there are no coincidences. As he flew the T.A.R.D.I.S. to their next big adventure, he couldn't help but ask the question: Why?

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