The Man with the Blue Box

This is my story for the Doctor Who competition. Hope you like it!!!!!!! It is based on Option #2. ~Sara :)


3. Chapter 1- I am alone, I am scared

I am alone. All alone in the universe. Because of those stupid Gallifreyans. I swear that if I was to see another Gallifreyan in my life I would kill them for what they did to my home planet. Well, what two of them did anyway. We had one of the Gallifreyan Timelords visit one day, as somewhat of a peace treaty negotiation. For what, we couldn't say. All we knew was that Gallifrey was tied up with the greatest Time War in history. Soon to be known as the Great Time War, Timelords versus the Dalek race. If anything, the Timelords were here to as if they could have us send them supplies. Or so we thought. The Timelord introduced himself as Rasalon. He was the president of the Timelords or something like that. Rasalon then distracted our authority figures, our senate members and others that voted to make sure that everything was equal and just for our society.

Then, an uninvited Timelord stepped in. One by the name of Warrior. That's what he called himself, apparently a Timelord can choose their name for what they do most or what they love most. Warrior abducted seven of the Space Children from Romern and shoved us into a Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Warrior was intimidating at first. He explained that we were going to be his hostages aboard his T.A.R.D.I.S. because, and I quote, "If the stupid Silurians can't exist and the Timelords are about to be wiped out of the face of the galaxy due to those.... DALEKS, then there is no space in the universe for the planet of Romern, is there?" He blew up our planet a couple of minutes later, however his leader, Rasalon was in his machine-thing and he had slain all of our people in power to show them that the Timelords will be the last race to exist. That the Timelords will stand tall and conquer all because it was survival of the fittest.


What they only showed us was that the Timelord society was cowardice and afraid of being erased from time and space themselves. What Warrior continued to do was far worse than imagined. One by one he would call the Space Children over. He would take them on one adventure and they would never be seen again. One of the Space Children, Ħęijœ, which translates to the Earth name Helio, found out about what Warrior was doing to the others. Helio told me stories of how our friend, ƍƌßÞëÀ (Penelope), was killed in a 1930's gang raid. Also, how ðŧŋƛ-ƪƩƔƢƕɇ (Mary-Ellen, Mae- Ellen) was taken into the endless corridors of the T.A.R.D.I.S. machine and is still wandering there ever since. Sometimes you can hear a scream or two in the middle of the night, when you think that the worst is over. Then you realize that you have to live another day with him. The worst was ƍɚßŋƔij (Jonathan)'s story. Warrior took him to Civil War America. He was shot and killed there. The worst part is yet to come. Warrior then took a knife to Jonathan and dismembered him. Bringing those dismembered body parts back to his T.A.R.D.I.S., laughing as if it was a joke. We couldn't even give the poor souls a proper Romernian burial, because it is required that the whole body be there. And not in dismemberment. So we prayed, and sang hopeful songs. Yet, we started to dwindle in a week, seven went to four and after that, he started to pick us off like helpless animals. Oh you could see in that cruel face of his with those beady and bloodthirsty green eyes, that he loved what he was doing to us. It was until poor Helio was killed that I realized that I was the only one left.

"Oh, my prize. My trophy for conquering a planet." he said as he approached me one evening. He acted as if he was a lion stalking his prey. Warrior trapped me against the console of the T.A.R.D.I.S. and grabbed both my wrists. I screamed, then realizing that there was nobody there to help me. So, this is what he did to his victims. Cornered them, harassed them, and then killed them. I knew I was about to die and I just couldn't let the idea of accepting death sit in my mind.

"I am not a trophy. I have a mind, a body and I think for myself, you know." I told him in a very mature way.

"How about a kiss for the lucky man with a thinking trophy?" he asked me as he leaned in even closer and I could smell the booze coming off in tendrils out of his mouth. I looked at the entrance of the T.A.R.D.I.S. and saw more empty gin and rum bottles. He had gone to make booze stop and brought Helio along. Helio didn't return, therefore I had to assume that he had died. But anything could happen in the Wild West, or that's what Warrior always kept telling us. He puckered his lips and tried to kiss me. I turned my head to the side and then with quick thinking, kneed him in the balls. I know, I know. Not a smart move. But, I needed to hide. Hiding was something I did best. He bent down to cover his area from anymore attacks and that's when I saw my chance to run. I bolted into the hallway and made a left. That's when I heard "C'mon, ÅɚɷɸɵɻƔƩƪƪƍ." He used my name in ƔijƢƕɇɷɸɵĦę, Sjmeulidc, the language of the planet Romern. "Just one kiss for me. Please, honey."

"I am not a 'honey'!" I screamed giving away my hiding spot and ran down that corridor and took another left  and was not hiding in a dead end.

"Oh, my Aberdeen. What shall I do with you?" I had my back facing out my inner body against the wall. Out of my peripheral vision, I saw the shadow of something long, something big, and it was approaching. It was Warrior, holding a half empty bottle of gin. He was so tipsy that it was almost impossible to get him to walk in  a straight. "Please, girlie, I just wanna kiss.... just a little kiss."

"NO!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, and tried to push through him.

"Not so fast, Ms. Aberdeen..." said Warrior, gripping my wrist.

"Let go of ME!!!" I screamed again. I kicked his booze and he went to grab for it, loosening his grip slightly, and I was ready to run when he tripped me. I never knew he was so agile for a drunkard.

"Are you ready?" he asked. Warrior set his gin down and started to slowly unbutton my robes, and I struggled to break free from his grip that now had me pinned against the wall.

"NO! STOP!" I screamed and begged. He forced himself upon me and I thought that I was going to puke in his mouth. I constantly was fighting back and kicking him in the stomach and pushing him off, only for him to return and press his weight harder on my body. Shit, I thought to myself and started to cry. I'm going to get raped. Oh My God. I need out of here now. I quickly thought of an idea and prayed it would work as I reached for his booze bottle. Slowly from behind, I held it up. And then, BAM! A knocked-out cold Timelord dropped right in front of me, and I felt slight satisfactory. "That, you bastard, is for killing Penelope!" one whack behind her head, he was starting to regenerate. NO WAY was I letting that happen. "And Johnathan," WHACK!  "And Helio!" And the regeneration stopped.


I am alone, I am scared.

And I just killed a Timelord.

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