The boy next door

When Ela leaves to stay with he aunt, she can't wait. But when the flights don't go to plan and her next door neighbour annoys her. Can this be true love?


3. The flight

We walked around for ages together.

He brought me dinner and we talked about everything. I was surprised that we had so much in common. 

I loved talking to him and looking in his deep blue eyes. Even his voice made my heart skip a beat. 

I kept telling myself not to be so stupid. I can't get my self court up in love and stupid stuff like that. I would properly never see this guy again. But as much as I tried it would never work. 


When the time finally came me and Luke sat next to each other on the first class plane , which had been upgraded due to the inconvenience. 

"Your a really good friend you know that" I say quickly to get it over and done with 

" And your not that bad yourself" he replies  " here hand me your phone". 

I hand him my phone with out even thinking.  He sat there for several muinets trying to figure out how to use it. My phone was very old and out of date.  He handed it back to me. The screen was blaring and it had his name and number. 

"now we can keep in touch and chat because I don't know about you but I have really enjoyed today" 

I sat there mouth open glaring at the phone. 

The plane ride was meant to take forever but it felt like it was over in two minuets . We talked all of the way and became really close. 


When we landed we hugged and headed our separate ways. I still couldn't believe how much fun I had had. I jumped in the taxi and arrived at my aunts house. 

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