The boy next door

When Ela leaves to stay with he aunt, she can't wait. But when the flights don't go to plan and her next door neighbour annoys her. Can this be true love?


1. Sydney

Ela's prov 

Summer is nearly here. In 5 days school will be over and I will be going to stay with my aunt in Sydney. I am soooo exited......or at least I was. 

Yesterday I found out that my aunt had fallen ill..... again 

No-one knows how she fell ill or what she has but all we know is she is ill. Very ill. 

Despite this I am still going to stay, more to help out than a holiday but I can't help but still be a bit exited. 

Sun, huge house and freedom. Whats not to love?

Although I love it here at home, my mum and dad are over protective. I am 16 now and they have only just allowed me to walk up our local shops by my self. Town is out of the question and because of this i don't really have many friends. 

Well its not only that. I haven't really got much going for me. I have big geeky glasses hanging of the edge of my nose and and the worst fashion fast ever! 

I only have one good friend and thats Amy. She is really nice and understands me. 

Also theres Summer. She lives in Sydney , near my aunt. We have known each other since we where 2 and have been forced to like each other. Never the less I still love hanging out with her. She is one of the most popular girls and is really pretty. 

I haven't been to my aunts house since I was 11. But I remember we where really close. Since then she has been in and out of hospital and I have only seen her over Skype. 



Todays the day!!! 

I have packed everything and I can't wait to leave! But I will not be travailing alone  which is not surprising  really. My uncle I coming down from Cornwall  to take me. 

Him and my aunt split up when I was 5 but I have always seen both of the the same and love them as much. It hasn't really affected me. 

A small taxi pulls up out side my house as I drag my suitcase down the stairs. At the bottom my mum and dad are waiting ready to say goodbye. 

"Right you have everything don't you" says mum

"yes" I reply edging to the door. 

"and you will be alright in the taxi won't you"

"yes " 

"and you have you mon......"

"MUM....... I am going to miss my taxi" 

"sorry honey" she says taking my cheek and kissing it. 

"Now stay safe " 

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