What It's Like To Be A Movie Extra

I've always wanted to be in a movie. And finally I got my wish! I was an extra for "Dear Dumb Diary." It hasn't come out yet. It was a great experience! NOTE: I tried to find someone that looked completely different than me to avoid any personal information.


2. Afternoon

At 1:00, we returned to the same catering center for our lunch. My mom limited the potatoes so harshly that I couldn't really enjoy my lunch as much. But I ate anyway.

Soon, it was time to finish the day's recordings. This time, I sat with the audience watching Angelina's victory in the jump rope tournament. I started to work on my story I was writing on paper, but unfortunately they thought I was too involved to hear their latest lecture. But then I paid more attention and they let me in on the final scene of the day.

The scene ended as I sat in the audience and clapped for Angelina.

When the show ended, we returned to the E. L. H. I got to meet the director, who told me about the series. I had been filmed in a story I didn't know anything about. He told me it was called Dear Dumb Diary.

Thus we drove back to our hometown and picked up my little brother. I was paid 93 dollars for my involvement.

That night, everything was back to normal.

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