The Miracle From Springfeild (NY)

Willow is a gurl who loves to take care of pets and when she isent helping take care of pets she is always taking pictures and taking care of her pets. Willow rescue animals all the time. Willow has two best friends named Clover and London. Clover is the shy but sweet and caring gurl. London is the Sweet, caring, and responsible gurl and Willow is the loud, hyper and helpful person. One day the gurls move and live Willow gets very sick. She ends up in the hospital. She gets put into a coma and they figure she has one thing..... CANCER. What will the other two gurls do without Willow. Who will come and save her? Read to find out....


2. The Plan.....

*Willow's POV*

"She will be missed." The pastor said.

I was bailing my eyes out as they took my mummy away. Ill never get to see her ever again. My daddy isent here cause he is in the hospital. He has heart problems and they wont let him leave not even to say good-bye to his wife. That is just wrong. My Best Friends came with me so I had a shoulder to cry on, Since 2/5 of my brothers came. The other three couldnt cause of tour crap and ect, and the two that came say 'im not even their sister.'

My older brother and my second older brother, William and James. They hate me for some odd known reason. They say cause I was born. They wanted a younger brother but nope, It was me.

I was crying into Clover's shoulder. This is one of the hardest things that can ever happen to a person, but I guess people are right bad things happen. People die and new people are born. It is really sad to think about it but I guess its true. I wish we could live forever.

"Willow Snow?" Someone called.

"Yes?" I answered threw my sobbing. 

"Would you like to say one last good-bye to your mother?"


I walked over to coffin and looked inside at my mother. 

"I love you mother. You were the best..... The Best mother anyone could have. I wish you didnt have to go. I wanted you to see my kidz and have a great time seeing me grow. I love you so very much and if I could change one thing it would be to have you here by myside with me every step of the way. I will never forget you mum. You mean the world to me and I looked up to you and knew that I wanted to be just like my mum. You were very pretty and beautiful. I have his locket and picture of all of us kidz with you and dad. The one that you liked of all of us. You said you never will forget that day. I love you mum. Ill miss you so much." I said crying really hard now.

I placed the locket and picture in her hand.

I walked away crying. I just cant believe she is actually gone. I ran over to London and Clover and hugged them. I saw them close the coffin and carry her out the door. 

"Want to go?" London asked.

"No I cant. I need to stay here and take care of the things." I say.

"Well stay." Clover says.


I gave each of them a hug and London whispered 'Owch'

"Did I do something wrong?" I asked.

"Oh no its just....."

I turned her around and you could see something blackish blue showing on the top of her dress. I pulled it down a little and saw a huge bruise on the lower part of her shoulder.

"London what happened?"

"I came home from work and he was drunk. So he thought I was late or something but I was 5 minutes early. He yelled at me and slapped me on the face. I went upstairs into my room. I was playing on my phone when I heard my him yelling at Sarah. I ran downstairs and pulled her to me. I turned around and pushed her upstairs and he hit me with a crow-bar."

"Oh London." I say giving her a soft hug.

"We need to get away from him." Clover says.

"Hey I got it." I say.


"Okay. Well London you have to tell your mum that we are leaving to live on your own."

"Okay. She will be happy that I will be away from him."

"Okay good. Clover same with you."


"Then we pack and put everything in my car. London pack everything. Cause we probably wont come back. Then when everything is pack hide it all in your closet but make it look like you arent leaving or anything. Then when everyone is asleep you and Clover will go outside and I will throw everything down so if he wakes he wont see us in the hall with things. Then once everything is out the window Ill come down and we will put it the car. Then well go up to the room and anything else you forgot grab fast then well run to the car and drive to my place sleep there and in the morning well get snacks, drinks and all of the okay?"

"Okay. but why dont we stay at your place?" Clover asked.

"Cause he knows where I live he tracked London down once and found her at my place. So every time she ran he would come to my place first. So we have to place the state."

"Where are we going to go?"

"I got this house with my dad that is in New York. It is a small down that is not near the busy cities."

"Okay good." London said.


"Good plan?" I ask.

"Yup. Your Step-Dad wont beat you when friends are over right?" Clover ask.

"Yeah cause he dont want you guys to tell on him."

"Thats what I thought. Tell your Step-Dad that your mum said it was okay for us to stay the night. Ill be over at 6:30." I said.

"Ill be over at 3:00" Clover says.

"Awesome thank you guys so much." London says hugging us tightly. 

We pick up all of the things like trash and I get the cards that people left. We close up the doors and lock them. I put the key where the pastor hides it so he can get in. We walked to my car and got in. I drove London home. Clover has 3 hours to pack which im helping her and I have 3 1/2 hours to pack. We dropped off London and drove to Clovers home. Once we got there we went straight to the kitchen.

"Ice Cream?" She ask.

"You read my mind." We both giggle a little.

She hands me one of those plastic ones called cookie monster. My favorite. We went upstairs eating our ice cream. Once we got up there we grabbed her three Zebra suitcases from her closet.

"You get the things from my closet and Ill get the things from my dresser."

"Sounds good."

I walk over to her closet and pull out her dresses, jeans, sweatshirts, jackets, shoes, socks, and scarfs. I put them all in there own pill near the suitcase. I put her jeans in first, then her dresses, and her socks. I got two pairs of her converses in the suitcase too. I grabbed her second one and she got her third one. This suitcase was a bit bigger then the other one. I think it came like this big with then medium one and there should be a small one but I dont see it. Weird maybe it didnt. 

I put her Sweatshirts, Jackets, and her other like 6 pairs of shoes.

"Hey Will..... Do you have any room in there for some shirts and a set of pjs?" Clover asked.

"Yeah I do." I said.

She came over and gave me the cloths. I put them in the suitcase and there was still room for like maybe 10 more outfits.

"Im done with the cloths how about you?" Clover asked.

"Yup and I still have dones of room."

"Thats good cause I can put somethings like my pictures of somethings in there."

"Thats a good Idea."

"Come on you can help me get the things from my bathroom."


We walked in there and I saw the little zebra suitcase. So she puts her bathroom things in there. Cool. I helped her get the things out of the drawers and the things out of boxes.

*2 hours later*

We got everything packed but a few things like her pillows which will be left out well one at least and a blanket. We were folding the sheets and putting pillows and extra things that she is taking with us in another suitcase that she took from her sister Jammie which she left which is Zebra just a different color Zebra so they could tell them apart.

*1 Hour Later*

Clover had everything set and packed up in her four suitcases, 3 bags and her pillow and blanket. I know a lot but what do you expect when your leaving and probably wont come back.

Clover and I put everything in the trunk of my car which didnt take as much room as I thought still enough for London to put two of her suitcases and two bags. 

Clover and I got into the car and I drove over to London's house. London was sitting on the step waiting. Once I pulled up she looked like she was happy one of her friends were there with her now. I cant wait till we leave this town and live our lifes instead of being trapped here in this town.

London and Clover waved bye and went inside cause I will be joining in 3 1/2 hours. Im packing for 2 1/2 hours then im going to go and see my daddy for and hour. I drove home quickly. I went upstairs and grabbed my Stripped suitcases.

*2 1/2 hours later*

I got everything packed up and ready to go. I put everything in the car. I actually put my 2 suitcases in the trunk and my two bags in there. I put my other suitcase and my other bag in the back seat. I also put a medium dog bed in the middle off more to my suitcase so who ever sits in the back and have room. Yeah I forgot I had my puppy cause I was too excited to move away. She is a White Golden Retriever and her name is Zelda. My Brother Lake helped me name her. yeah I got her for my 18th birthday. I opened the passenger seat for Zelda and she jumped in. I put on her dog seatbelt. Yes, she has one of those :) I got in the car drove off to see my father. 

Once we got there I put Zelda on her lease. Yeah the hospital lets me bring her in cause I have permission and I have to bring this Green Card when I have her they let me bring her and I can only go into my fathers room with her. We walked into the elevator and up to the floor number 2. We walked down to room number 287. We walked in and my father was there watching TV.

"Daddy." I ran up to him hugging him.

"Hi Baby Girl."

"I brought you a surprise." I said picking up Zelda.

"Zelda." he said hold out he hands for her.

I smiled at the both of them.

*1/2 Hour Later*

"Help Someone help" I yell down the hallway.

My father was just talking to me and then he closed his eyes and now he wont wake up. I rang the bell like 5 times. I finally see doctors running down to my room. They shut the door and start working on him. I have Zelda in my arms and im holding on to her tightly. I see them get those shocker things out and use it on him.

*10 minutes later*

This guy doctor comes out and ask me to walk with him. We are walking down the hallway and he tells me that they tried so hard to save my father but it was no use his heart gave up and he passed on to a better life. I started crying and he gave me a hug and said sorry. I left the hospital and went to London's house. I calmed down the crying and made sure my face was not red from crying or anything. I walked up to the house and knocked. Mrs. Heart opened up the door.

"Willow. Hey. London is upstairs and if I were you I would leave now cause London has everything in her room packed up and her Step-Father is at the bar he wont be home for another hour."

"Okay thank you so much."

"No Thank You." She said giving me a big hug.

Once she let go I went upstairs and London and Clover were talking.

"Willow hey whats up?" London says.

"Your mum said we need to leave now cause your dad is at the bar for another hour. So we need to go now just in case he comes back early."

"Good Idea." she says.

I grab two of her suitcase, Clover grabs her two bags and London grabbed her other suitcase and we were headed out of the door. We put her two bags in the trunk. We Had to re-a-rang somethings so we could put all the suitcases in the trunk with three bags. We only had two bags in the back seats.

"Hey girls do you have any room for a cooler?" Mrs. heart asked.

"Yeah we do." Clover says.

"Here I packed some snacks in this big bag and there are cokes and a whole bunch of drinks you girls will like oh and Willow there are Carrots in there for you."

"Oh my god." I giggled.

"Mum." London says.

"Its okay London. Thank you very much Mrs. Heart."

"Your Welcome or and I made brownies and cookies too. I love you girls have a good time."

"We will."

Clover got out of the car and put the cooler and bag in the back seat and London put the dog bed close to the cooler. Zelda sat down on her bed.

"Bye girls." Mrs. Hearts says.

"Bye." we all yell.

I then drive away. I put my CD in and the song Fireball by pitbull comes on. I love this song so much. All of us are dancing and singing alone. This is going to be a fun trip. I am glad we are leave that town and this state for a very long time. Bye Washington.




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