The Alternative Choice

The Eleventh and Ninth Doctor accidentally decide to go the exact same point in time and space! Due the two TARDISes colliding, they are sent to an alternate universe where Doctor never stole the TARDIS! As the Time War begins, the alternate reality threatens to become OUR reality.

1st runner-up for the Doctor Who fan-fiction competition.


11. The Tying Up of the Loose Ends

The Doctor quickly moved the TARDIS away.

"Christmas soon," he told Clara. "I could drop you off if you like."

"Actually, that'd be great, thanks," said Clara.

He took her home and left. A strange transmission was coming from a planet. He looked at the scanner. 

"Trenzalore..." he muttered. He pulled out his Cyberman head and connected it to the TARDIS console. It booted up.

"Hello, Handles," he said. 

"I am fully operational," he said in monotone.

"Good. Route us to Trenzalore, I'm busy. Never thought I''d go back there again. Did you know about it? All that business about my ninth incarnation?" asked the Doctor.

"Affirmative. I have hearing beyond the range of humans and Time Lords."


He finally deciphered the signal. By that time, dozens and dozens of ships representing hundreds of species and come. Daleks, Cyberman, Weeping Angels, Sontarans, and the Church of the Papel Mainframe. 

"Doctor who? Doctor who?" it kept repeating.

"Handles, remind me to re-route the TARDIS phone back into the console, it's getting annoying to go to the phone outside."

He opened the door and dodged laser fire from Daleks, Cybermen, and Sontarans. He pulled the phone into the TARDIS and shut the door. "Hello? Clara? It's you? Christmas dinner? You need help with Christmas dinner? Alright, fine, I'll pretend I'm your boyfriend. Yes, I'll be there soon, calm down."



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