The Alternative Choice

The Eleventh and Ninth Doctor accidentally decide to go the exact same point in time and space! Due the two TARDISes colliding, they are sent to an alternate universe where Doctor never stole the TARDIS! As the Time War begins, the alternate reality threatens to become OUR reality.

1st runner-up for the Doctor Who fan-fiction competition.


2. The Crash

Jack ran into the TARDIS. The Doctor moved the TARDIS away from the exploding spaceship. Rose was digging around under the console.

"Rose, what are you doing?" asked the Doctor.

She looked up wearing a gas mask. "Are you my mummy?" she asked.

Jack laughed. "Oh God, Rose."

She pulled off the gas mask, hysterical. 

"Oi!" said the Doctor. "How about a planet?" 

"Yeah!" said Rose.

"Why not?" said Jack.

The Doctor flipped a few switches and buttons and landed the TARDIS. They slammed into something and they ran over to the door to see what it was. It was a smoking, dark police box with a man with a bow tie and a rather large chin staring at them. 

"How..." said the man.

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