The Alternative Choice

The Eleventh and Ninth Doctor accidentally decide to go the exact same point in time and space! Due the two TARDISes colliding, they are sent to an alternate universe where Doctor never stole the TARDIS! As the Time War begins, the alternate reality threatens to become OUR reality.

1st runner-up for the Doctor Who fan-fiction competition.


9. Gallifrey (The Master's perspective)

The Master ran deeper and deeper into the TARDIS. He found the crack and hopped through. He heard the muffled voice of the Ninth Doctor ask if he was ready. He shouted yes and soniced the crack. It slowly disappeared until it was gone. He whirled through the life of our universe's Master, facing almost every incarnation of the Doctor at breakneck speed. He slowed down after being shot by Lucy Saxon. Suddenly, he stopped altogether, standing by the Tenth Doctor facing Rassilon and several other Time Lords. He remembered suddenly, remembering how much he hated the Doctor. Then he remembered how much the universe needed the Doctor. Then he remembered the author of the fan fiction he was in was using the word remember way too much. Then he remembered that he wasn't supposed to know that and told his mind to shut up. The Time Lords were about to end the universe. The Doctor told him to duck and shot the transmitter. (You'll only understand that if you've the episode The End of Time. Season 4.) He shocked the Rassilon with his electricity so hard, knowing what he had sacrificed for the Doctor, and enraged that they dared try to kill him. He felt himself being lifted off the ground with the Time Lords.

And suddenly he was on Gallifrey. The Time War raged around him. He looked up and saw his TARDIS standing before him. It read:

You're welcome. Love from the Eleventh Doctor.

He grinned at went inside.

"Goodbye, Time War..." he said, and pulled down a lever. "Hello, everything."

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