The Alternative Choice

The Eleventh and Ninth Doctor accidentally decide to go the exact same point in time and space! Due the two TARDISes colliding, they are sent to an alternate universe where Doctor never stole the TARDIS! As the Time War begins, the alternate reality threatens to become OUR reality.

1st runner-up for the Doctor Who fan-fiction competition.


8. Finding the Companions

In the Ninth Doctor's TARDIS

"What's taking the Doctor so long?" whimpered Clara.

Captain Jack patted her on the shoulder. "It's okay. I don't we were ever introduced. I'm Captain Jack Harkness. You are..."

"Jack, now is not the time," said Rose.

"I'm-I'm Clara," she said.

They heard a wheezing, groaning noise. "The TARDIS!" said Rose.

They spun around and saw the two Doctors come out the Eleventh's TARDIS, parked in the Ninth's TARDIS.

"Hang on," said the Eleventh Doctor. He ran back into the TARDIS and they heard another TARDIS dematerialize. He came back out a few minutes later. He smiled. "Done."

"Master, are you ready?" the Ninth Doctor shouted into the TARDIS.

He heard a muffled "yes!" and grabbed the controls. "Clara, follow the Eleventh Doctor, there's no telling where we're going to end up," said Jack.

The Eleventh Doctor and Clara walked into their TARDIS.

The Doctor patted the time rotor. "One more big bump, eh, old friend?"

He waved one last goodbye to the Ninth Doctor and the companions. He looked away from Rose before she could see the tear in his eye.

"What's wrong?" asked Clara.

The Doctor wiped his tears and simply said, "Torchwood."

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