With My Own Two Hands

Sky's world is crumbling apart - literally. After all these years, Kronos' son has been hiding away. This son was the only one that was not eaten. After all these years he's finally risen, coming back for revenge, and he won't stop until blood is spilt. How will Sky and her friends stop it? With her own two hands.


3. The Real Me


"James huh?" Her long black hair hung over her shoulders, some of it tucked behind her ear. "I'm Skylar Hannings." She takes my hand and shakes it lightly. Her soft touch sends shivers up my back, the good kind though. She let's go and wraps her finger back around her coffee mug.

"I uh... I'm sorry about bumping into you, I wasn't looking where I was going." I rub the back of my neck awkwardly. She smiles. When she does, the whole room seems instantly brighter.

"It was my fault, I had my head stuck in this." She giggles and wiggles her phone in her hands, just as it begins to ring. "Sorry, give me a moment." She answers the call and looks away, some of her hair falling down over her face.

I try not to be nosy, but curiosity gets the better of me. I lean slightly closer and tilt my head. "Annie I can't... Well... Okay, fine, you can come. See you in a few." Skylar hangs up and turns back to face me, putting her phone on the table as she does. "Sorry about that. Do you mind if my friend joins us? She's in the area."

"I don't see a problem with that." I smile, disappointment growing in my chest. I really had hoped it'd be just us. For a moment, all is silent. I watch Sky as she watches me, our eyes locked, me mesmerised with her ever changing coloured one, her mesmerised with my boring gold ones. Then, I see something click in the way she moves her face.

"Apollo?!" She whispers. My eyes grow wide and I jump up, a searing light blazing from the palm of my hand, dagger in the other. I out it up to her throat and hold her head.

"Who are you really, Skylar Hannings?" I watch her her colours shift and change. That can't be normal. She must a...monster. Such a shame a girl so pretty had to die. I press my dagger harder, ignoring the fear in her eyes.

"Are you crazy?! There's mortals around!" I whisper. "And I'm a demigod, just like you." Sky's hands are trembling, and I see her right hand fumbling for something on her arm, so I catch it and hold it tight.

"If you were a demigod then I would've seen you around camp." I retort, squinting cautiously. She smiles at me and immediately all trust and faith is restored in her.

"Darling, let me go for starters." I find myself releasing her before I'm even sure I want too. "You must be one of those demigods. I'm from Camp Half Blood. And I'm guessing you're a Roman." She spits out Roman like it's poison in her mouth.

"Ro...roman?" I'm confused and bedazzled for a moment, still enchanted by her beauty. Sky raises her eyebrows and nods like I have a serious mental condition - which I probably do.

"Yes honey. That's what you are right?" She whispers.

"I..." I blink and shake my head, snapping out of my phase. I draw myself up and look at her seriously. "Yes I am. Sorry. I really am sorry I thought maybe you were a monster...sorry..." Instead Sky laughs and smiles again, making me feel warm.

"Well, my mother is Aphrodite, in case you can't tell."

"Your beautiful. Your so pretty." I blink, smiling. Sky shakes her head solemnly suddenly and sighs.

"Now I'm the one being an idiot. I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to use my powers..." She sighs and rests her head in her hands. I touch my hand to her arm.

"Hey...don't worry about it. I'm a son of Apollo, in case you can't tell." I go for an award winning smile.

"Well, you certainly are hot, that's for sure." Sky mumbles. Suddenly a bell on the door chimes, and a tall blonde girl with stormy grey eyes walks in.

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