With My Own Two Hands

Sky's world is crumbling apart - literally. After all these years, Kronos' son has been hiding away. This son was the only one that was not eaten. After all these years he's finally risen, coming back for revenge, and he won't stop until blood is spilt. How will Sky and her friends stop it? With her own two hands.


2. Lost For Words


In no time at all we were laughing and sipping ( new ) coffee at an adorable café with bright red walls and cheerfully yellow chairs. Although I didn't know the boys name yet, I did know one thing about him. He had an eye for views. This "little café around the corner" was around a corner, although it was also up a huge hill.

I'll admit - climbing the hill was no effort for someone like me, although the views would've been worth it anyway. To your left you had the perfect view of a park, slowly fading into fall. The leaves on the new spring trees were starting to change from luscious green to a rich crispy brown. But the strange boy had all my attention.

The sun shining in through the window made his golden eyes sparkle. His beautiful blonde hair reflected off the sunlight as well, gleaming radiantly. I didn't catch half of what he was saying - I was far too mesmerised by his perfect features. From his perky smile the freckles that danced across his nose, I was surprised that this guy didn't have six girlfriends surrounding him at all times. I was awoken from the daze by a hand, waving cautiously in front of my face.

"Hello? Anybody home?"

I could feel the heat in my cheeks rising as my face turned red. I laughed nervously.

"Sorry." I tried to play it cool by sipping some coffee but only managed to splatter some on the table. My shirt - which the boy had spilt the hot brown liquid over before - had quickly been replaced by a spare.

"I...uh...I never caught you're name. What is it?" My nervous laugh was drowned out by a mask of confidence. Smiling, I leaned forwards and rested my chin on one hand. The boy mimicked my smile and held out his own hand, obviously ready to shake.

"James. James Collins."

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