badass girl

"I may be a bad ass but once you kicked my walls in im easy to tame"


1. first day

emma's POV

i walked in school all eyes on me "get lost before i make you" i said still all eyes on me i walked up to a tall bloke "You strong"? i asked him "yeah strongest in the school except harry" he replied proudly "Not anymore"  i said punchin him in the nose yikes its dislocated i can already see black eyes coming i gave him a left upercutz and bam knocked out cold i looked back and smiled "Now will ya get lost" i said 5 seconds flat the hall was empty except 1 person he walked up to me "How you learn to fight" he said "You know almight axel" i said "The greatest wresler in the world"

"my dad" i said "now get lost" i kicked his feet making him fall over i walked down the hall turned round at him and winked.

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