Business (Niall horan AU)

Niall Horan. Owner of a Multi-million dollar business. Niall is 32 and has a wife name Charisma. He also has a 14 year old daughter and a son who is 6.
Lynn is Niall's assistant at work. Lynn is 28 and has been working for Niall for 5 years. As far as Niall's family knows she is a great woman who is dedicated to her work.
The one thing Niall's family doesn't know about Niall and Lynn is that they are having a secret affair behind their back.
Lynn is the mother of Jane who is 4 and Nolan who is 2 and they are both Niall's.
What will Niall do once his family finds out?
Find out in 'Business'


3. Pregnant?

Lynn's POV *3 weeks later*

"Good morning honey" Niall said. Last night was perfect. Niall took me out to a food place a town over and we did baby making again.

"Good morning baby" I said. I kissed him and then got out of bed. Niall was staring at my body. I blushed and turned away.

I grabbed a pair of his boxers that he kept here and his green 'Free hugs' shirt.

"I'm going to mak-" I said but got interrupted when I felt my dinner coming up. I ran into the bathroom and threw up.

I got up when I was finished and wiped off my mouth. I got 3 pregnancy tests and took them.

*15 minutes later*

"Babe are you okay? You've been in there for a while" Niall said.

I looked at the tests and smiled. I'm pregnant. 

I stood up and walked into the bed room.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"Yeah. Niall..... I'm pregnant" I smiled. Niall walked over to me and spun me around.

He smiled and kissed me.

"That's great." He said. He looked at his watch and his eyes popped out of his head.

"I have to go. Charisma has her first scan today and then after we are going shopping. I'm sorry baby" He said. I gave him a sad smile.

"It's okay. I kinda stole her man anyways" I said. Niall chuckled then pulled on some clothes. He kissed my forehead and walked to Jane's room. He kissed her and went to Nolan's room and kissed his forehead then he came back into my room. He pulled up my shirt and kissed my belly. I giggled and pulled him up. I kissed him.

"You should go" I mumbled against his lips. He nodded and left.

I went to Jane's room and got her dressed into a pair of short jean shorts and a white shirt with a mustache on it.

I told her to put on her sandal's and I went to Nolan's room. I got Nolan and put him in some kakis and a plaid shirt. I pulled on his Jordan's and went to my room. 

I took a 10 minute shower and then got dressed into a pair of jeans and a crop top that was tye dyed.

I slipped on some sandals and got the kids.

"Mommy where are we going?" Jane asked.

"Well we're going for ice cream then the park then the store" I said. She nodded and smiled. We got to the ice cream place and we ordered.

I got cookie dough. Jane got birthday cake, and Nolan got vanilla.

When we were finished we went to the park for 3 hours and then to the shopping centre.

I got the kids out the car and put them into a trolly and walked around the store.

We went to the baby section and I got some uni-sex clothes and then got some bread on my way to get milk I was stopped by a man.

"Lynn?? Lynn Adams?" The man asked. I turned around and was face with my Ex-boyfriend Kasey. (Hehe he has a girl name)

"Kas?? OMG I've missed you so much" I said. Kasey and I broke up because we thought we'd be better as just friends. 3 years late Kasey discovered he was gay. Last I heard he was married.

"I missed you too" He said. We hugged and then I looked down at the trolly and saw my very confused children.

"kas. These are my kids. That's Jane and that's Nolan and I'm pregnant" I said. He smiled.

"Hey guys" He said. They waved. They were never shy.

"Austin and I adopted twins. A girl and boy." He said. I smiled.

"That's great." I said. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Oh hey Charisma. Hello Niall" I said. They both waved but Niall seemed tense.

"Well I gotta go but here's my number. Call me sometimes?" Kasey said. He gave me his Number and hugged me.

"I would love to call you!! Love ya darling" I said. He chuckled and left.

"So what are you doing here?" Charisma asked.

"Buying things. You? Oh and congrats on the new baby" I said. She smiled. She was showing like a lot.

"Thanks it's twins. How come you have baby stuff?" She asked while looking into my cart.

"I'm also pregnant" I smiled. She squealed.

"How far long?" She asked.

"Well I have to go to the doctors tomorrow but I'm pretty sure I'm three weeks. That's the last time I did it" I said. I lied but I didn't want to make it seem like I was trying to get pregnant again.

"How far are you?" I asked

"4 months" She said. I smiled and nodded.

"Well I have to go but it was nice running into you. See you at work tomorrow Niall" I said. I hugged Charisma and left for check out.

When we got home my phone buzzed.

'I'm coming over' Niall texted. I smiled.

20 minutes later Niall was banging on my front door.

"I'm coming" I said. I walked down stairs and opened the door. Niall walked in and he did not look happy.

"Who was the guy at the shopping centre?" He asked.

"Oh him. His name is Kasey" I smiled.

"Well I don't want you hanging with him" He said. I chuckled.

"You can not tell me who I can 'hang' with" I said while crossing my arms.

"Well I just did" He said.

"Niall are you being serious right now?" I asked.

"Yes. I am. You have another man around my children and I don't like it" Niall said.

"He's just a friend" I said.

"Just a friend my ass. He probably wants more and your probably willing to give it to him" Niall said. I furrowed my eyebrows.

"What?" I asked.

"Lynn your sleeping with a married man. You've gotten pregnant by a married man. Your pathetic. Your sleeping with your boss. You will never get married because I AM ALREADY HAPPILY MARRIED!! Do you not understand?? Charisma, Hanna, the twins, and Jarrod are my life. I have no future with you or those kids!" He yelled. I was in shock.

I was about to say something until I heard quiet sobs.

"I thought you loved us?? I hate you!!" Jane said to Niall and ran upstairs.

"Just.... Just get out" I said. I guess Niall noticed what was happening and reality hit him hard.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it" He said. Tears brimmed at my eyes.

"No your right. I guess the only reason you wouldn't choose is because you felt bad for me. Niall I gave up everything for you!! I can't even barely go out in public because I have to watch our kids. You never cared about us!! He's GAY Niall. Kasey is GAY. He was my best friend and he has a husband named Austin. He was telling me about how he adopted twins. I am not pathetic. I sit at home with your kids hearing them ask about daddy all the time. News flash!! You are the one cheating on your wife!! You have 4 kids and three on the way!! Stop thinking about yourself. Just... Get. Out. My. House" I said. I pushed him out the door and locked it.

I ran upstairs and into Jane's room. She sobbing into her pillow.

"Awe Jane it's okay. Daddy didn't mean it. He was just mad at mommy" I said.

"Are you sure?" She asked.

"I promise baby. Now get dressed for bed while I got change Nolan." I said. I kissed her forehead and walked into Nolan's room he was on the floor playing trucks.

"Come on Nolan time for bed" I said. I got him changed and walked into my room.

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