Business (Niall horan AU)

Niall Horan. Owner of a Multi-million dollar business. Niall is 32 and has a wife name Charisma. He also has a 14 year old daughter and a son who is 6.
Lynn is Niall's assistant at work. Lynn is 28 and has been working for Niall for 5 years. As far as Niall's family knows she is a great woman who is dedicated to her work.
The one thing Niall's family doesn't know about Niall and Lynn is that they are having a secret affair behind their back.
Lynn is the mother of Jane who is 4 and Nolan who is 2 and they are both Niall's.
What will Niall do once his family finds out?
Find out in 'Business'


5. caught...

Lynn's POV (5 months later)

"Well hello Mr.Horan" I said as I walked into work on Tuesday.

"Hello sexy" He said. I smirked and walked up to him.

"How's my beautiful lady and baby?" He asked.

"Well as you can tell the baby is fine. I'm not though" I frowned.

"Awe what's wrong babe?" He asked while walking over to me.

"You can't make it to my scan. I'm finding out what the baby is" I said.

"I'm sorry honey but Charisma's C section is today. The twins will be born" He beamed. I was still frowning.

"Yes. I know and you need to be there. I'm sorry it's the hormones" I said. I smiled and walked over to him. I rapped my arms around his neck.

"When is she supposed to come here?" I asked.

"In 2 hours" He smirked.

"So I have time to do this" I said and then kissed Niall.

We kissed for a good 10 minutes before Niall put me on his desk and we were full on making out. another 10 minutes later we heard Niall's door open and a gasp.

Niall and I frantically pulled away. We looked at the door and Charisma stood there with her right hand over her mouth and her left one on her belly. She burst out into tears.

"It's not what it looks like" Niall said.

"You were making out with my best friend. Your assistant" She said.

"I.... Babe..... I'm sorry" Niall ended up saying.

Charisma puffed out a breath and said.

"We'll talk about it at the hospital. After the twins have arrived." She said. We both nodded.

*at the hospital after the twins are here*

"So how long has it been going on...... No tell me everything. From the beginning" She said. She was crying again but this time she was in a hospital bed and had two sleeping babies next to her and she sounded super weak.

"W-Will. It goes back to five years ago. We were out clubbing with the whole field and we got drunk and we had you know 'it'. It ended up becoming a regular until I got pregnant the second year of working there. I gave birth to Niall's daughter Jane Horan. We were together at work and at my house and he only stayed over when he went to business trips. 2 years after I had Jane I gave birth to our son Nolan Horan. When Nolan was 1 Niall proposed to me and I said yes. We felt horrible but Niall didn't want to end it with you because we both knew he loved you way to much so he kept it a secret. I fell in love. We fell in love. I tried so hard to leave for your sake but I just couldn't and I hate myself for it. Umm So as of right now I'm 6 months pregnant with Niall's child. I was gonna find out the gender today but you found out. We'll split up if you want I just... I don't want to lose our frendship" I said a few tears rolled down me cheeks.

"No need for you to to split up. Niall I want a divorce" She said. Niall's head shot up.

"I'm not getting a divorce. I love you to much" He said.

"Niall you can't love to people" She said.

"Yes I can. I love you both the same. Charisma we've been through a lot. I can't lose it." He said.

"Well the only thing left. You have to choose" She said.

"Wh-What?" Niall asked.

"Me or her?" She asked.

My heart broke in two. Of course he'd choose her. That's his wife. I'm just the mistress.

"Charisma I-I can't choose" He said.

"It's either Me or her??"  She said.

"I.... You" Niall sighed and I was right.

"I'll just leave I'm late for my scan" I said making them look at me.

"Lynn I'm so sorry" Niall said.

"No No I should of known not to get involved with a married man" I said. I smiled -Obviously it was fake.- and grabbed my bag.

"Oh and Lynn" Charisma called.

I turned to her.

"Huh?" I sniffled.

"Your fired" She said. I nodded and left.

*At her scan*

On the way to my scan I cried. I lost him. 

"Hi!! I'm Lynn Adams" I said.

"Ahh Lynn the doctor can see you in a few minutes she's taken another patient at the moment" She said. I smiled and nodded I walked into the waiting room.

After about 30 minutes I heard a head nurse call my name. I stood up and walked with her into a room.

"Hello Lynn how are you?" My doctor asked.

"I could be better. I'm sad" I said.

"Well finding out the gender of the baby will make things seem better" She said. I smiled. she asked me some normal questions and then asked me to lay back.

"You see that's your baby" She said. I smiled. the baby was getting so developed.

"Ready to know the gender?" She asked.

"Yeah" I said.

"Your having a baby girl!! Congrats Ms. Adams" I smiled so wide. She got a picture of the baby and handed it to me.

She wiped off the blue gel and I left for home.


When I got home I told the kids they were gonna have a little sister.

"Mommy where's daddy?" They asked.

"Babes you won't see daddy anymore" I said.

"Why not?" Jane asked.

"Well mommy and daddy were doing a bad bad thing and somebody who wasn't supposed to know found out and now daddy and mommy aren't together anymore" I explained.

"Can we call him and tell him good bye?" Jane asked. Tears leaked out of her small eyes.

"I'll text him and ask" I said.

I wrote out the text and when I tried to send it it sent a reply message that told me my numbr has been blocked.

"I'm sorry baby. Daddy's umm sleeping" I made up.

*The next day*

I woke up and just threw some sweats on. I got the kids up and we went to the car. Today I was collecting my things from the office and I decided to bring the kids because they need to say at least good bye to their father.

I walked into the lobby and my best friend here, Robbie walked up to me.

"Banging the boss man naught naughty girl" He said with a smirk on his face.

 I smiled and chuckled.

"Yeah. I got fired yesterday by the wife" I said. I took the kids and got in the elevator we went to the top floor and I put in the code.

I walked up to Niall's door and knocked. Hanna opened up the door and looked at me. She gave a death glare and moved aside.

"Daddy!!" Jane and Nolan yelled.

"Why are they here?" Niall asked as he hugged his kids.

"to umm say good bye" I replied.

"Why do they have to say good bye?? They'll come over every other weekend" He said.

"Um no we... We're moving to Miami" I said. Niall's face dropped.

"How will I see them and the baby?" He asked.

"That's the thing. You won't. Niall you chose your wife and I understand that. But you lost me and my kids." I said. Niall sat up.

"You can't do that" He said.

"Niall I can and I am. I have to pack my stuff" I sighed. I packed my things and then walked into Niall's office.

"Come on kids we gotta go home and pack" I said. The started crying and so did Niall.

"Will I ever see you again?" He asked.

"No. Good bye Niall" I said. I walked over to his desk and sat my engagement ring down. It was so beautiful.

 I took the kids and my things and we left.

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