me and my freinds magical secreat place

oneday we went home from school and found this amazing place where only you and your friends go but what happens when the secreat place comes a reality


1. wait is that place over their

James and his group of friends Nathan and Dan got of the school bus raced down the road wait weave past our house. I'm not aloud to go down hear come on James ok then fine wow look at this place James said its beautiful. Its our secret place promise I promise they sat and looked around hey you want to  play hide and seek shore count to 20 ok. The boys ran James was counting when he  finished he opened his eyes and went to look for them he suddenly found a note on this rock please do not open James wanted to know what was inside saw he opened you will be attacked by birds James laughed.  And kept going to find his friends suddenly the rock moved ahh Nathan  Dan where are you where hear. why is it shaking ahh theirs a bird boys run as fast as you can back home ok I'm staying hear. No James you need to come with us no I cant im going  see what else I can find see you  wait James he's gone. James kept walking suddenly all these creatures walked out and greeted James you our a very silly person why did you open the letter now this place is forever going to full of evil I'm sorry please forgive me never they put James in a net  please ill save this place they let him free he sat on the rock suddenly his mobile rang it was his mum where are you its 6pm at night I'm coming home right now.  James ran back home sorry Im late mum you know the time to get back home straight after school which was 3 hours ago. don't yell at me mum I have another problem to dell with what kinder problem sorry cant tell you he ran upstairs and called Dan. the next morning they went to the magical place hey what shall we call this place James how about magical journey  of secrets hey awesome idea . The creatures come out and looked at Dan its ok he's with me he's my best friend they al bowed down . this is all my new friends nice to meet everyone this place is going to be shut down turned into a park wait they cant do I will save this place and I will help you James end of part 1

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