Romeo and Juliet (Modern day version 1D)

Lucy has just moved in with sister Kelly because her parents and brothers had moved somewhere else she had to go live with her sister what she didn't know is that the guys of 1D lived across the hall. As Lucy is on er way to school she trips and Niall Horan helps her up has Lucy found true love......?


2. Lucy falls in love

Lucy's P.O.V)

'If Kelly thinks i'm talking to her after last night she is so wrong she called me miss mardy USA I ain't even from USA ok I am I'm from California Malibu. I just guess that I should apoligise but I'm not until she says sorry for well everything! 

(End of P.O.V)

"Good morning Lucy." Kelly said smiling

"...." Lucy said

"Hello?" Kelly said

Lucy just ate her breakfast and waited for Kelly to apologize for what happened last night.

"Fine. Look Luce I'm sorry for calling you a bitch. I guess I was just angry and I do love it that your here with me Ok. Your my sister I didn't mean to hurt you." Kelly said

"Ok. I'm sorry too. I didn't mean to say that harry doesn't love you I'm sure he does love you." Lucy said

"Thanks." Kelly said

"I better go." Lucy said

on her way to school:

Lucy was was walking down the halls to catch the bus and she fell and then a boy with blue yes and blond hair suddenly rushed to help her.

"Here let me help you up." he said

"Thanks. I'm Lucy." Lucy said

"I'm Niall. Where are you off to?" Niall said

"I'm off to school." Lucy said

"The one down near town?" Niall asked

"Yeah. I'm starting there today." Lucy said

"Come down with me then." Niall said

"Ok. Thanks your really nice. Your in that boy band I like One direction." Lucy said

"Yeah. We need an education though." Niall said

"So does everyone." Lucy said going on the bus.

Lucy sat down and Niall went to his friends upstairs and all the girls were staring at her. But i suppose they were mean because they were whispering stuff but she didn't know what.

"Hi. Are you new here I'm Kay." Kay said

"Yeah I'm new here. My names Lucy." Lucy said

"Come to the back and sit with us I'll make sure your popular." Kay said

"Ok thanks." Lucy said.

"Guys this is Lucy be nice she's new here." Kay said

Everyone then agreed and we all got off the bus. Niall smiled at me and waved Kay looked at me like really weird.

"How do you know niall?" Kay asked

"He lives near my sisters apartment I think." Lucy said

"I'm Ashleigh. Who's your sister? Ashleigh said

"Kelly. My sister Kelly." Lucy said

"Gross. No one even likes her." Harry said

"Harry?! Your the dude my sister keeps going on about." Lucy said

"Yeah she tries to date me." Harry said

"Yeah. She wears my mum's clothes gross." Lucy said

"Lucy!!!" Niall said happy a little to Happy.

"Go on." Kay said looking jealous because she fancied Niall.

"I love you Lucy." Niall said

"I love you too your poster are all over my bedroom I kiss them every night. Did I just say that out loud." Lucy said

"Yes. But don't worry because I think that's cute and very sexy babe. Would you like to hang out at mine?" Niall said

"What tonight?" Lucy asked

"Yeah. I can help you on the science project. I know that your in my science so dont ask." Niall said

"Yeah I'd love to come over." Lucy said smiling.

(Find out more in chapter 3 will it be true love??)

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