Wolf Blood

A girl, injured and a hindu princess, is found on a packs territory. Not just that...she's 13 years old and half werewolf.


5. Chapter 5

Dorian and his future mate ate their recently killed deer together under the full moon. The moonlight turning their fur a startling silver color. After the two 'love birds' had finished their meal they started back to the mansion. Their pelts brushing as they padded along the stairs and into their bedroom. Angela appeared by the door and watched them "Dorian, honey let me talk to you." She said softly. Dorian eased himself out of their bed and walked to his mother. 

"What is it mom?" he asked coldly, his eyes daggers "It's midnight." 

"I came to tell you that the ceremony has been moved to tomorrow morning." Angela replied "I'm fading as well as the pack's falling apart." Her eyes on her son to await his reaction.

"What!" Dorian spat the word "It was supposed to be tomorrow at 8 pm." his eyes fiery with annoyance but as Aishia stirred  and he glared at his mother "Prepare her wedding dress and my Tuxedo for tomorrow." He returned to his fiances side and touched her cheek before laying back down beside her. His eyes closed and he slept until the birds singing in the morning prepared him to stand up. "Hey love, wake up." Dorian murmured gently, stroking his future wifes hair as she awoke. 

"Dorian...I'll take the bride now love, go get ready." Angela said as she came into the room and ushered her son out "I've got a lot of work to do, out!" she shut her door and got Aishia up and into the shower. Taking the wedding dress form the hidden spot in the closet and the head piece before getting ready for her wedding.

"It takes this long to do hair?" Aishia asked Angela as her hair was carefully placed in a bun with braids along her head. She stood up and twirled in the spot. The white gown glittering with diamonds and jewels. She was handed the bouquet of white roses and lilies as she walked to the top of the stairs and smiled as she began to walk down, her husband to be watching her in awe. 

"Do you Dorian, take this lovely girl to be your pack mate for all of your life?" The pack member asked.

"I do." Dorian replied.

"And do you, Aishia take him as your pack mate for life?" 

"I do!" Aishia replied without hesitation. Dorian placed the ring on her finger and she smiled.

"You may kiss the bride." 

Dorian swept his wife into his arms and kissed her deeply, they were laughing out of love and happiness. 

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