Wolf Blood

A girl, injured and a hindu princess, is found on a packs territory. Not just that...she's 13 years old and half werewolf.


3. Chapter 3

Dorian waited for the girl to re awaken. she'd been sleeping for a long time while her injuries healed and he was looking forward to her being up and around. He knew there was something about her...that was different. He just couldn't place it. Aishia stood for the first time ever and used a crutch of wood to walk outside, her long dress flowing around her legs as she came into the open with Angela beside her. 

"Princess, I'm so happy you're up and moving finally." Dorian bowed mockingly to the lady and earned a warning glare from Angela. 

"Come along miss Aishia." she led the girl to the kitchen and sat her down. She knew the girl would have a limp for a while but not permanent. Aishia blinked her eyes, one blue and the other green. Angela watched her for a moment "Wait and just listen, this is going to seem weird but we...as in us here at the mansion...we are werewolves." She waited for the reaction, wanting to confirm hers and her sons hypothesis of her. When Aishia just raised an eyebrow she smirked slightly, so she was correct. She leaned into Aishia and stared into her two tone colored eyes "You're a werewolf aren't you?!" she replied smoothly yet her voice was deadly. 

"What do you mean?" Aishia asked coolly, her eyes staring right back at the alphas. "I'm no werewolf." That was a lie, she was half werewolf but hey, she'd rather not give that away. Angela eyed her and beckoned her son. 

"Your turn." she murmured and glanced st the girl before leaning on the wall while Dorian went over and stared her in the eye.

"Show me who you are." he said icily, his tone dangerous. His eyes were narrowed but Aishia still didn't say or change into her wolf form. Dorian rolled his eyes and went to the sink, keeping his back to her as he placed a drug in the water to make her tell the truth. He went back and handed her the glass which she drank quickly. 

"You're a werewolf yes?!" Dorian asked once more, his eyes on her as she froze and stared

"N-N-No......yes, well half werewolf." She replied softly and flinched. Her eyes flickered around the room to see if she could leave. 

"That's all we wanted to know." Dorian said softly as he knelt before her "Who are you really? Are you the missing princess of the fallen kingdom?" His eyes were gentle as he awaited her answer.

"Yes, my full name is Princess Aishia Suzuka." Aishia murmured "I'm the long lost princess and half werewolf." her eyes betrayed her sadness. 

"Why don't you eat something?" Angela said softly, getting up and going to the refrigerator. She handed Aishia a plate full of food,sandwiches, fruit, and other things. She then walked out and beckoned her son to follow her. "Well....what do you think?" she asked him softly. 

"Let's have her join us here. She's the one....the one I want as my mate." Dorian said softly, his eyes shone happily. "she can live with us, she's half werewolf after all." 

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