Wolf Blood

A girl, injured and a hindu princess, is found on a packs territory. Not just that...she's 13 years old and half werewolf.


1. Chapter 1

    Aishia POV:    

   Aishia, an orphaned hindu princess,  ran through the trees of a forest. She wore a long laced white dress, her long ebony hair, in a five stranded braid, hit her back as she ran. She had wounds all over her. Gashes in her arms, one ankle twisted, gashes in her chest and legs too. Blood ran from a cut above her left eye. She stumbled over a tree root and fell, crying out as she landed on her left wrist and heard it snap. She struggled to get up but a ebony colored wolf, larger than most leaped on her and pinned her down. Causing the lady to cry out as her wounds sent pain shooting through her. 

Dorian POV:

Dorian saw the girl running, from what though? He was curious and decided to follow her, his eyes watching her. He saw she was bleeding and crouched, ready to kill if need be. When the male, actually he was his packs heir, saw her stumble he was on her in a flash, pinning her to the ground quickly, his fangs at her throat. 

~ This is this a POV for the beginning, the rest is all view ~ 


Aishia breathed shallowly as she watched the wolf on her bare his fangs at her throat. She shook and trembled violently, not just from the cold. "Dorian! Enough!" a feminine voice said sternly as a pure white fae strode out of the woods to the two. Dorian growled but stepped off the girl and watched her, she looked no more than 13 years old. The fae, named Angela, strode over and sniffed her, eyeing her son. Aishia soon gave in to the darkness that was overcoming her vision and her emerald eyes closed.  Angela rushed forward and sniffed her and glared at her son "Did you notice she was injured Dorian?!" she asked icily. "Yes, maybe." the son responded coolly. "Help me, I may not be a fan of rouges in our territory but she's young and needs healing!" Angela responded shortly. She tried to drag the girl to their hideout but earned a cry of pain form her and so she morphed and picked her up, actually almost falling under her weight when Dorian took her and walked to their mansion. 

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