Letters to Limbo

Scarlet, having died in a car crash, eventually finds a way to contact her best friend and lover Ethan. The problem is, Ethan is still alive. Through a series of letters, they begin to pond again.


9. Scarlet (Morgy)


Well of course I love you. I thought you would have gotten that by now. Tell me, don’t you remember at the party where I kissed you? I might have been drunk, but I wanted to and I have no regrets of doing it.

You’ve already done good. You were a member of the geek club, alongside me. We beat up Roger Miles for picking on Haza in third grade. You might not think that’s much, but it’s enough for me, just saying.

I’ll be your girlfriend, Ethan, but prepare for the questions. Not everyone has a ghost for a girlfriend. You might just be sent to an asylum.

I’m worried Ethan. I was pacing the room, watching the mirror for news of you and waiting for something when Ebony came in crying. She told me she wants to go home, that she wants to go into the light. I managed to convince her not to right that moment, but I’m afraid that one day she’ll leave and she won’t come back.

Then what for me? I’ll have no one. I won’t have her and I won’t be able to talk to you anymore.

Anyway, kisses from death,

Sensitive Scar

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