Letters to Limbo

Scarlet, having died in a car crash, eventually finds a way to contact her best friend and lover Ethan. The problem is, Ethan is still alive. Through a series of letters, they begin to pond again.


3. Scarlet (Morgy)


Yes, it is me. Do you really think anyone would play a prank like this on you? Wait, don't answer that. Last I checked, you were still part of the loser group, just like me. Sorry, but it's the truth.

You've missed me?? That's nothing what I'm going through. At least you have my your family. I don't know where mine is. I tried searching for them, but I think they've.. you know. There really is a light at the end of the tunnel, but I choose the red door masked by it's brightness. Not many people know about it and I guess that's because unlike with the light at the end of the tunnel, once you walk through this door, you're not coming out. Note for you, don't go into the red door. I wish someone told me that because I could be still alive right now if I didn't.

I'm glad you're going to Afghanistan. Remember those late nights when we'd sleep out on the trampoline and laugh at the moronic neighbours who couldn't speak English? That's where we'd discuss this weird dream of yours, serving in the military. It was meant to be a joke, you idiot. I guess now that you're there, odds are I'll be seeing you really soon. Sorry. Bad joke. I think I'm losing my humor.

Don't blame yourself for my death. I chose to drink it in the end and hey, death isn't all that bad. I knew you liked me, by the way. It was pretty obvious. How come you didn't notice that I liked you back?



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