Letters to Limbo

Scarlet, having died in a car crash, eventually finds a way to contact her best friend and lover Ethan. The problem is, Ethan is still alive. Through a series of letters, they begin to pond again.


6. Ethan (FireWitch)


You have such a funny sense of humour.

You won’t believe what I saw today… It was so horrific.

One of my friends, a guy named Christian got his leg blown off in a road side bomb….

There was so much blood Scar.

So much.

Does it end quickly? Can you even tell me that?

It took him so long to die, he just bled and bled and screamed.

I can still hear him screaming in my dreams.

Can you find out what happened to him for me? I think it would help if I knew he was ok wherever he was.

How can I make friends with these guys, knowing all along that they might be taken from this world so quickly?

Is it better being wherever you are than being on Earth?


Please, help me.


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